Why you should love LoveNathalie.com

Looking for the latest fashion trends to help build your summer wardrobe? Then you need to check out lovenathalie.com. This webshop is a one stop shop for this season’s fashions. But here are some more reasons for why you should love this great site.

1. Duty free shipping. If you’ve ever been stuck with a fee after paying for shipping, you know how wonderful it is to be able to receive your package without paying extra for it.

2. No ground shipping costs. Canadians can rejoice at the fact that lovenathalie.com offers free ground shipping! This is a big deal because in many cases Canadians get the short end of the stick when it comes to shipping fees, where they are often left with hefty shipping charges that take away from the bliss of online shopping. Thus, it’s great to know that Love Nathalie will ship your package in 3-7 business days for free if it’s ground shipping.

3. The hottest trends of the season. Fashionistas and trend setters will love this webshop for being on top of the latest fashion trends for the season. It’s the perfect site for those that want to look trendy, modern, and seem ahead of the fashion game.

4. Easy to navigate website: Site navigation is important for everyone. Clunky cluttered websites just aren’t fun to shop, even if they have great items. Thankfully, Love Nathalie has a simple clean and modern theme that makes browsing enjoyable.

5. Great videos to see how the clothes look and move in real life: This is perhaps one of my favorite things about the site. It makes it stand apart from countless other website in the same field and category. For each fashion item, you get to see a video of what the clothes look like on. This is extremely helpful for an online shopper! How often have you bought something only to be disappointed that it was nothing like the picture? With a the fashion video you can better gauge if it will look good on you or how it look in real lighting.

6. Promotes a positive body image: It’s also important to note that the model used in the video is not overly skinny. Thus, you get to see how the clothes look on a woman who has curves. Often times, websites and magazines will use a model that is so slender that many women cannot relate and cannot imagine themselves in the clothes. With Love Nathalie however, you see that regardless of your body shape, you can and will look stunning

7. Win a giveaway! I saved the best for last. Lovenathalie.com is currently holding a giveaway with some lovely prizes that I would love to get my hands on. This is reason enough to check out the website.

I highly recommend visiting lovenathalie.com if you want the latest trends, at great prices. You can also learn more about the company by following their facebook page.

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Looking Sheepish

Looking sheepish

Before I jump into the post, I am wondering if anyone else is having issues with polyvore on firefox? If so, please leaves comments below so I know it’s not just me.

Now on with the celebrations! Kung Hei Fat Choi or Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to create an outfit in honour of the Year Of The Sheep. All the items above are either inspired by those cute woolly animals or made from them.

I would wear this to celebrate any festival, or just meet up with friends. The ankle boots are perfect for any occasion, while the red sheep clutch is a stylish and quirky way to acknowledge the holiday.

I hope everyone has a happy, wealthy and prosperous new year

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Why I love Jewelry Closet Collection

250x250Jewelry_Banner_Ad250x250Jewelry_Banner_Ad250x250Jewelry_Banner_Ad Jewelrykristylane

 If you are someone that likes members only shopping sites then you’ll be happy to learn about Jewelry Closet Collection. Much like sites such as Gilt and Ideeli, you first have to sign up, or sign in, before you can browse this lovely boutique. Jewelry Closet Collection is stocked with a number of fashion forward, beautiful, and head turning jewelry to complete any outfit. Now, I’ll be honest, when I first visited the store front I was confused. But that’s because I was not familiar with the concept of members only shopping sites and all their benefits.

Shopping at a members only store like Jewelry Closet Collection allows you to find both up and coming designers as well as trendy pieces at great prices. This is done by the weekly flash sales that the site holds. These sales are fun and really give you a rush as you search for the perfect piece to complete your look at prices you’d be hardpressed to beat. It doesn’t cost a cent to become a member, so you really have nothing to lose. Whats more, joining the site can save you a bundle on your accessories and jewelries. As a student, I’m always looking for ways to save. But I don’t want to sacrifice my sense of style to do that.

Jewelry Closet Collection is great place to find statement necklaces, sophisticated earrings, unique conversational bracelets and other charming accessories to add to your jewelry collection, your style tool kit and fashion wardrobe.

Shops like these make online shopping fun again. Pieces sell out fast, but that’s part of what makes it so thrilling. When you find and buy an item that is quickly going out of stock or you find a great deal on a beautiful designer piece of jewelry you feel victorious.

Maybe you’re like me and are new to membership sites, or you have always loved them; regardless I highly recommend visiting Jewelry Closet Collection. You’ll find amazing pieces and great prices.

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Are you using the right hair tools?

We all want healthy shiny hair, but very often we forget that the tools  we use to achieve this is just as important as our shampoos and conditioners. Not all hair tools, such as flat irons, are the same and choosing the right one will make it easier to achieve the beautiful head of hair that you’re after. Among the list of good hair care products is a brand that is simply outstanding when it comes to giving you silky smooth hair. This brand is ISA Professional.

I’m taking note of  this brand for a few reasons.isa professionaldigital

1. Quality. I’ll be honest, this brand doesn’t have an extensive catalogue. It doesn’t need one. It’s focused on offering a few high quality hair tools that will leave your hair looking its best. For example, the ISA Professional Digital Flat Iron Hair Straightener has been built to ensure that it helps your hair, not harms it. To do this, the company used 100% Solid Tourmaline ceramic plates. Tourmaline transfers heat more evenly and quickly, allowing you to  get a just-got-back-from-the-salon look. Use it to get a sleek silky straight look or add some bound and volume to your hair.

2. Perfect for amateurs. If you struggle to get the look you want and are always warring with your hair, it very likely could be the hair tool you’re using. Hair care novices often have this problem. They opt for any old tool that is a challenge to use. ISA Professional has built in features that make it easy for anyone to get the look they want. Some of these features include:

  •   A digital temperature control–no more hard to read temperature adjuster
  • 360 no tangle cord– don’t you just hate fighting with the cord
  • 45 minute auto shut off safety feature

3. Great customer service. I always say a product is only as good as the company that backs it and ISA Professional offers great service which only enhances the brand. U.S customers can appreciate the free shipping but so can Canadians. Their products come with a two year warranty and the company can easily be contacted if you have any questions.

The hair tool you use matters if you’re seeking beautiful hair. Don’t settle on just anything. Check out ISA Professional’s collection of products to get the hair you desire.

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Summer Must Have: Frankies Bikinis

Flirty, fun, fashionable: let me introduce you to Frankies Bikinis a fashion swimwear collection from Bikini Luxe that recently caught my eye. If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where warm weather is all year round then you can sport this collection right away. For the rest of us, we’ll have to wait till mother nature remembers we’re bikini ready. And this collection definitely puts you in the mood for summer. It’s not often I see a collection of swimwear that is both fashionable and suitable for many different body shapes.

The collection itself is simple, but one can’t ignore the artistry in  the way the designer has made use of the strings–criss crossing, knotting and braiding them into unique and beautiful eye catching beach wear. You’ll stand out without being too flashy.

Frankies Bikinis is also timeless. Unlike other swimwear lines that are only on trend for that summer, these look as if you’ll be able to wear to them again and again without feeling outdated. This allows the collection to be appropriate for different age gaps. Whether you’re a teen or in you’re 30’s these bikinis are a great way to bring some style to your summer.

Lastly, the collection just screams summer. It’s the kind of thing I want to be seen in when the weather gets warm, sipping a cool drink by the pool or splashing around in tropical waves.

Perhaps you want to stand out at your next pool party or simply want a classic chic bikini to have on hand for vacations, Frankies Bikinis is the pick of choice and a summer must have.

Don’t forget to follow Bikini Luxe’s  Twitter to learn more about their fashionable swimwear collections




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The best place to look for modelling advice


The modelling industry is one that is often shrouded in secrecy. Unless in you’re the industry it’s difficult to know how to break in and what it takes to have professional modelling career. For years, it was like a secret club where the general public was keep at bay. Even with the advent of the internet, it still wasn’t easy to get real industry advice that was honest from real models. But thanks to a great new website called Model Hideout, the curtain that used to veil the modelling industry is being lifted.

What is Model Hideout?

Model Hideout is a unique website that is packed with information for those interested in learning more about the model industry. The site is  owned and operated by two professional models, Lisa Biffin and Keira Lewis. These two down to earth ladies have used their first hand experience and knowledge about modelling to put together a well thought out, easy to navigate website that offers tips, training, interviews, and current updates on the modelling industry.

What makes it unique?

There are a few reason why I really like this site and wanted to share it with you

1. Relateable: Lisa and Keira are both very relateable and very sweet. We sometimes get and image of models as being untouchable and simply out of touch with the real world. It all goes back to that secret club where if you weren’t already a member there was little chance of entering. But Lisa and Keira humanize not only the industry but models in general. I could relate to Lisa’s story when she spoke of feeling “clueless and out of my depth” after entering the modelling industry. I felt the same way and what’s more it was almost impossible to find any information about the do’s and don’t of the whole system. As I read the articles I could easily connect with them and their writing style, which leads me to reason two.

2. Easy to understand information: So many industry sites have articles that are filled with jargon or are simply a collection of pretty pictures. It’s as if they’re deliberately trying to be unhelpful. On model hideout, you’ll find great articles, and interesting interviews that give you a clear perspective of the industry without all the jargon and fluff.

3. Honest: The two ladies are honest about what it takes to break into the industry. They don’t sugar coat things or try to scare you either. They approach common question about weight, height, earnings with openness and honesty. There’s even information that you may not have thought about such as what types of shoes you should have in your kit, modelling after post pregnancy, or the inside scoop as to what pageants are really like.

Whether you’re hoping to become a professional model or are simply curious about the industry, I highly recommend checking out Model Hideout. Check out their book which takes you into the world of modelling and learn more about them and the industry via their social links below.

Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Youtube

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One Tribe Apparel is where style meets culture

One_Tribe_HammockIt’s not everyday you find clothes for everyday wear that are rooted with so much culture. However, the harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are so connected with the lifestyle of the Thai village that wearing them is like taking a trip to an island paradise.

The harem pants connects people from all walks of life. They are worn by dancers and yogis, fishermen, muay thai fighters, hikers, backpackers, the boho chic, those who embrace the alternative lifestyle, and everyone in between including girls like me who want something comfortable to wear on the weekend.

The styles as well as the beautiful colors and patterns fit the bohemian Thai culture well. But you don’t have to be lying on a hammock with island beats playing in the background, to enjoy these beautiful handmade pants. Even if you’re miles away, there are several reasons to grab yourself a pair of One Tribe Apparel harem pants.

1. Stylish: Just because your clothes feel comfortable doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. The harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are beautiful. The rich colors, eye catching patterns, and versatile styles make these pants very fashion friendly.

2. Infused with culture: One of my favorite things about these pants is how they are so closely tied to the Thai culture. With more clothes being so far removed from culture and history, One Tribe Apparel has managed to infuse so many aspects of Thai culture in this fashion item. For one, they are hand stitched with local fabrics using the village technique. Secondly, they are sourced from the villages surrounding Chiang Mai, where they are made with love and care in the village home. It’s also nice to know that the creators and artists behind these boho pants are paid fairly.

The knowledge that these pants are both sustainable and connect people of a certain culture and lifestyle makes www.onetribeapparel.com a unique brand that I recommend checking out.

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Closetonthego.com solves a common fashion problem


Did you ever wish there was a way to see how an outfit would look without trying on every dress in your closet, or maybe you’ve seen a cute pair of shoes online but you’re not sure if it will go with items you already own. Closetonthego.com is a website that solves these problems.

I’m sure most of us have had to deal with this scenario where you’re pulling out every item in closet just to see what looks good for that big event; by the time you’ve got your outfit together you’re exhausted from trying on everything you own and you’re room is probably a mess with clothes and shoes here and there. Save yourself the hassle and sign up for an account at closet on the go. It is possibly the most practical and fun fashion related app I’ve ever seen.

How it works:

Once you join the site, you can begin taking and uploading photos of items from your own closet to the site to put in your virtual closet. You then select items from “My Closet” and put together looks and styles, like I did in the photo above. It’s so easy and addicting!

More reasons to love this unique fashion site:

1. Keeps you organized. If you’re constantly buying the latest trends, you can easily forget what you already have. This app brings items that may be stuck way in the back of your real closet to the forefront. You can then decide if you may need to part with the item or show it off more often. It’s a great way to de-clutter and keep you organized.

2. Easier to find matching items. Maybe you have a great skirt, but nothing in your closet to pair with it. With closetonthego.com, you can pair their eshop items with items you already own right in your virtual closet. This helps you find more great pieces to add to your wardrobe or outfit.

3. Take it anywhere. No more wondering if you should buy that bag while on vacation, because you’re afraid you have something similar waiting for you at home. Closet on the go literally goes where you go. Simply log on and see if you already have similar items or what you’re closet may be missing.

Manos Gerakinis, the founder, is a genius for creating the site and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves fashion and style.

You can join the site and start putting together your own looks by visiting closetonthego.com

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Find Lovely Jewelry Pieces at Love and Pieces


If you’re like me, you love to accessorize. Bold, elegant, classic or trendy pieces like the ones found at Love&Pieces.com are a must have for the accessory loving fashionista.

What is Love&Pieces?

It’s an online jewelry boutique with some of the most lovely curated items I’ve seen in a long while. On the site, you’ll find jewelry pieces that fit virtually every style. Whether you are bohemian, urban, or classic chic you’ll be able to find the right piece for your outfits.

The site hosts a number of different designers and I love this for two reasons:

1. It means more variety. Being able to browse through different collections and designers means I’m more likely to find that perfect accessory that suits my taste.

2. There is something for everyone’s budget. Love&Pieces has something for the person that wants to splurge and the girl that wants to add some affordable pieces to her collection.

Another thing I love about the site is the world wide free shipping!

The only thing I don’t like is that things sell out so fast! But I’m not surprised; the items are so lovely it’s expected that people don’t hesitate to buy. For that reason though, I recommend purchasing the items as soon as you can because the moment you turn your back, it’s sold out.

If you’re looking for a great gift this holiday season, or any time of the year, visit Love&Pieces.com and don’t forget to follow them on instagram @loveandpiecesig for more info.

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Greg Michaels is Always A Stylish Choice

Besides her shoes, a woman’s handbag is next thing you’ll notice about her outfit. In fact, you can wear a simple jeans and tee-shirt but with the right bag, you’ll look put together and stylish. That’s why I was so excited to be introduced to GregMichaels and had to share this brand with you. This designer brand is topping my list of must haves and brands to check out and here’s why.

Simple Elegance: If you like your hand bags to add to your look, not compete with it, then Greg Michaels is the brand for you. The bags come in a variety of styles and colors (which means there’s one for every occasion) but with each bag I noticed a simple classy elegance that just works. This simple elegance that seems to be crafted into each bag makes the bags functional and versatile. One bag can work for a cocktail party or Sunday brunch. I love versatility in pieces and it was one thing that really made this brand stand out for me.

Affordable: I was shocked to find a real leather hand bag company that was actually affordable. Most stylish leather bags can run past $500 but Greg Michaels has bags for under $200. What’s more, Greg Michaels products are made with prime materials. Their designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish.

Customer service: A great product is nothing if the website doesn’t make buying the product easy. Not only does Greg Michael offer free returns all year round, but you can always call one of the customer service agents if you have any questions. Sure, there are lots of hand bag companies out there, but they don’t all offer the service that great Greg Michaels’ does and that sets them apart from countless brands out there.

Great gift idea: Chances are there is at least one person in your life that is obsessed with hand bags. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for your fashion loving friend or relative, check out Greg Michaels. Their bags are beautiful, high quality, and a will get tons of compliments.

Visit http://gregmichaelsco.com

Learn more about this designer bag on their facebook page http://facebook.com/gregmichaelsco

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