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Streep’s Gold Gown Was Green-Fashion Special Report

If you looked very closely at the red carpet at last Sunday’s Oscars, you might have noticed a bit of green—and we’re not talking about best actress nominee Viola Davis’s emerald frock. This was “green,” as in eco-friendly.

A handful of notables, including best actress nominee Meryl Streep and best supporting actor nominee Kenneth Branagh, chose to wear specifically eco-friendly fashions created especially for the Oscars ceremony. And when Streep, resplendent in a sweeping gold gown, accepted her Oscar, she became unofficially the first Academy Award winner to do so in a Lanvin custom-made, eco-friendly design—a first in the French fashion house’s 100-plus-year history.

Bringing the hot-button issues of environmentally sound and ethically produced apparel front and center on the red carpet awards circuit has been the mission the past three years of Livia Firth. The Italian-born, London-dwelling Firth has her hand in the eco apparel marketplace as the creative director of, an online shop and magazine featuring apparel, home accessories, and jewelry, including Firth’s own designs.

Perhaps more important are her red carpet credentials. As the wife of 2011 Academy Award winner Colin Firth (“The King’s Speech”), she is a regular on the awards scene and in a position to make a statement. That she began to do three years ago when she agreed (blogging all the while for British to spearhead the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC), which calls for celebrities to use their visibility to promote fashion’s eco/ethics causes by only wearing sustainable and ethically produced garments to film-industry events.

The challenge was thrown her way in 2009 by eco author Lucie Siegle, who penned To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing Out the World? At first a bit hesitant—she’d never wear plastic, Firth swears in a video—she turned up at this year’s Golden Globes in an exquisite custom Giorgio Armani gown fashioned from fibers spun from Northern Italian household plastic waste.

Since 2009, Firth has worn, among other eco wear, a dress made from the remnants of one of her husband’s suits, a dress made from garbage bin scraps from several fashion labels, and, for the 2011 Academy Awards, a dress “repurposed” from bits and pieces of 11 period thrift shop gowns from “The King’s Speech” era.

For this year’s Academy Awards, at which Colin Firth awarded Streep her Oscar, Livia went plastic again, wearing a corseted red “hybrid” Valentino gown that combined recycled PET polyester fabric with Valentino’s house silk sleeves. In addition to Streep, Firth recruited Branagh (Ermenegildo Zegna merino wool) and best actor nominee Demian Bichir (Zegna eco-friendly silk/superfine wool blend) to help spread the word. And Mr. Firth? He lofted the banner for recycling, wearing the same Tom Ford tuxedo he had worn the year before.

Carol A. Crotta

The Red Carpet Goes Green at Oscar 2012


Multi-strap Madness

Strap in  and strut, there’s a multi-strap parade taking place and I want to be part of it. These shoes offer a great benefit for those who have narrow feet or have trouble walking in heels because they literally keep you strapped in. There are a number of different styles from punk buckle boots to mod heels, making it easy for anyone belong to any paticular fashion cult to get in on this trend. This isn’t a new style by any means (coming from the 60s) but it is making a big splash this season and driving those who are mad about shoes to both online and offline shoeshops.

River Island Erika Tropical Print Cut Out Platform Wedges Zipped multi-strap sandal ASOS STRIKE Mary Jane With Straps  

Lucia Multi Buckle Boot With Shearling Inner  Contrast multi-strap court shoes  Suede multi strap sandal

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Pink and Blue Spring Inspiration

Nature offers some great inspiration for designers and stylists and style seekers a like. I know in the future I’ll be posting a number of looks inspired by nature. This paticular one I saw on created by sphaeryl. The fashion items choosen replicate the colors i n phot beautifully, reminding us that nature is the number one stylist. The pink and blue are a perefect pair for spring. Dolce and Gabana must also find pink and blue to be an attractive duo seeing how they combined it on their handbag, which meets the bright expections set by 2012 spring fashion. The entire set is lovely, simple, and a great inspiration for spring


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Really? Twenty-Five Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4 1/2 Minutes??

I’ll be viewing this video over and over. I love scarves but I can’t always think of how to wear them. This solves my creativity problem. Love it!

Heart-to-Heart Connection

If you see me with a scarf, you know I’m trying.  Totally clueless on how to wrap this thing around my neck!  Enjoy! 🙂

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Gothic Steampunk Dress

While cute, the rich darkness and elegance of this jumper make it a very pretty piece. The pattern gie it gothic touch, especially with it’s deep red and decadent material. The ruffle at the bottom makes it  japanese lolita  chic. I could see this dress working for a number of events and recieving many compliments. It comes from KMKDesigns, an etsy shop that specializes in alternative appaeral for women as well as men. I love the way it’s styled on the model and if my savings would allow it I’d redo this look as quick as I could.

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Glymm February Unboxing/Review

Glymm is a beauty sample company that ships beauty samples to your door for $10 a month. Their box is an assortment of skin care and beauty products that consist of both sample size and full size items. I’ve been a member of their program since their launch in July and so far I like them. February’s box was delayed and took a while to get to my end of the country. I should note that Glymm is a Canadian based service. Because of the delay, I was expecting an amazing box. But I feel…so so. Take a look at the video and let me know if this box is yay or nay.

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February Hits and Miss

February brought some great products into my life…or rather January did, but it was in February where I got a chance to truly see if they were a hit a miss. Check out the video below to see the products that made me smile and those that just weren’t cutting it.

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Fly The Drupe

Soft faux leather and a large fruit patterned bow, these Fly the Drup flats are among the cutest I’ve seen. They’re one of those items that won’t go unoticed but standout in the right ways. It was the velcro strap of these Mary Jane style flats that enticed me to feature this item. I love velcro straps. They are far easier than laces but rarely do I see them being used in such a cute manner. I could see these flats working in a lot of different outfits -from dark denim skinny jeans to a fresh white dress. I can’t comment on the quality, because I have yet to purchase them, but for style purposes they get a big thumbs up.

Set by me

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FastFit360 Launches New Studio Application – Fashion Special Reports | California Apparel News

Cloud-based application FastFit360 launched its latest release of FastFit Studio, which is its first major Studio application release this year. The application is used by retailers such as Macy’s and Ralph Lauren to allow their supply-chain partners, designers and executives to rotate, annotate and analyze 360-degree images or detailed close-ups of their garments.

Within the multiple stages of product development, the stitching, hems, materials and trims can move through several iterations before a garment reaches final approval, which can mean a new sample for each stage that needs to be created, shipped and analyzed. The new Studio platform is quicker and more accurate and allows teams across the supply chain to work more efficiently by reducing the costs associated with prototyping, sampling and global collaboration.

With the integration of new gridlines and detailed photography, users can more quickly and easily position hems, measure their garments through the lens of the Studio camera, and ensure consistent alignment, height and balance between multiple samples. By positioning samples within the new grid at the moment of capture, the images that are shared using FastFit360’s cloud storage have consistent points of reference, which increases the accuracy of the collaborative sampling process and reduces cost for the user, according to Jodee Talley, director of marketing for the Las Vegas–based company.

—Deidre Crawford


FastFit360 Launches New Studio Application – Fashion Special Reports | California Apparel News.

Farfetch Fashion Week Giveaway

I wanted to share this giveaway I found on

To celebrate fashion week, we’ve teamed up with the Italian boutique Penelope to give away S/S ‘12’s must have bag, the Alexander Wang Rocco. To enter simply visit the site and follow the instructions.

Good Luck!

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