Modern Rococo Fashion Brought by the 1727

If a girl from 1727 wanted to get the perfect outfit today, she would probably buy her items from…, a shop that is for the instinctively feminine and elegant.

The 1727 represented the height of the Rococo development in France. It was a time when women’s clothing reached the same ornament as men. Often connected with Marie Antoinette, the Rococo period often appears very over the top and embellished. However, it was a time where feminine grace was stamped on a number ofย  the fashion items.

It is this feminine style that brings with their line of clothing. The pieces seem quite dainty and girlish. Accents such as frills and ruffles can be seen on a number of the pieces. It’s a modern-day form of Rococo, where there is still the same elegance but with fewer excentrics. The pieces are handmade by independent designers and that adds an extra personal touch to them.

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