Cowgirl Swimwear from Wildfox Couture

Wildfox couture, a fashion company known for its American vintage-inspired collections got playful this season with their swimsuits. Playing along with the Western theme, Wildfox injected denim into some of its pieces. Adding denim to  swimwear is a little risky because swimwear is all about being light and drying fast, which denim is not known for. However, the final product is too cute to pass up.

“It’s a little scary to add denim to swimwear,” Sommers admitted. “But some of these suits are going to be for hanging around pool parties.”

That’s exactly how I’d be wearing this adorable swimwear. They might not be the best option for playing water games in, but for looking cute while building sandcastles or sipping lemonade by the pool they are perfect.

What do think?

Swim suit in pic: Wildfox Couture Daisy Denim Bottom in White

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2 thoughts on “Cowgirl Swimwear from Wildfox Couture

  1. your the best, keep up the good work!

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