Bugging Out on Etsy

Insects and creepy crawlies aren’t many people’s favorite animals, but they do make good accessories. From ladybug necklaces to beetle brooches, bug jewelry and accessories have been buzzing about.

I personally love this trend. The jewelry is on the unique side and there are a number of insects to choose from. Dragonflies, for instance make a bold and often fairytale like statement when added to a chic vintage dress. There are a number of designers experimenting with this trend. Though I’ve found some of the best pieces have come from etsy shops. The items featured in this post are either handmade or vintage, so even if you are going to follow this trend you won’t be wearing pieces that have made their way to the masses.

I used to have a ladybug necklace watch that I was crazy about, and this trend reminds me that I need to replace it, as well as find some other insect friends to add to my spring looks. Would you wear bug accessories?

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One thought on “Bugging Out on Etsy

  1. bugwear says:

    Nice! (Right up my street, obviously)

    Bug @ Bugwear

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