An Irregular Choice

If you like fashion that looks like absurd works of art then may become a frequent hangout for you, if only for browsing purposes. I stumbled upon this website and felt as if I had entered a world of  unsensible shoes. The bizarre thing was how unbizzare the pieces were. The more I looked at them, the more I could envision them in an outfit. Irregular choice is a fitting name for the website considering how the items are not your basic black heel or red pumps. The site has more than just shoes to offer. You can browse through mens and ladies clothing wear, stationary, furnishing, and phone accesories. All the pieces make a bold statement with wild prints or ornaments like flowers or embordery. Mind you, some of the items are more subtle and can beautifully be paired with an everyday outfit. I have yet to purchase anything from the site, but something tells me I will be browsing, dreaming of and featureing items from the site in the future.

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One thought on “An Irregular Choice

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