Lace Collar Tops

If there’s one style of shirts/tops that I can rarely pass by it’s a decorative collared shirt, particularly lace. I’m glad that there are a number of designers out there that like this preppy style as much as I do for it gives me many options when shopping for such items. There is something about lace in general that makes one immediately say “isn’t that lovely.” Lace collar tops have a certain romantic charm about them but also at the same time something girlish and youthful. A cute lace collar top with a skirt is preppy and schoolgirl chic. But paired with some hot leather pants the same top can make a bolder more urban statement. There are a number of ways to play around with these style tops and whether they are in trend are not, I will forever remain faithful to cute collared tops.

Beige lace collar cardigan Meet Cute Cardigan  Fusion Marcelle Lace Collar Blouse Crepe de chine blouse 

Aphrodite silk-crepe and lace blouse

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2 thoughts on “Lace Collar Tops

  1. kittenhood says:

    oh, how I love these! gimme a cute collar any day!

  2. Joaquin Gilchrest says:

    Thanks for your post

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