Fly The Drupe

Soft faux leather and a large fruit patterned bow, these Fly the Drup flats are among the cutest I’ve seen. They’re one of those items that won’t go unoticed but standout in the right ways. It was the velcro strap of these Mary Jane style flats that enticed me to feature this item. I love velcro straps. They are far easier than laces but rarely do I see them being used in such a cute manner. I could see these flats working in a lot of different outfits -from dark denim skinny jeans to a fresh white dress. I can’t comment on the quality, because I have yet to purchase them, but for style purposes they get a big thumbs up.

Set by me

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5 thoughts on “Fly The Drupe

  1. kittenhood says:

    these are adorable! I love how you styled them and I could see myself wearing that 🙂

  2. Hera Nyx says:

    these are darling ! I wonder if there are other color variations

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