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American Apparel Turns 15 – Fashion Manufacturing News | California Apparel News | LA Fashion

American Apparel Inc. celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 29, and State Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D–Los Angeles) and Los Angeles City Councilmember José Huizar, who each represent American Apparel’s district, turned out for the ceremony at the vertical retailer’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles.

“You created an example and a model,” Cedillo said to a delegation of American Apparel workers gathered at the ceremony. “We can create a profitable business in the United States that makes products for China and Latin America.” Cedillo, speaking in Spanish and English, applauded American Apparel for its acts of support for immigrants, who make up much of the company’s work force. “Yo tengo amor por American Apparel,” Cedillo said. “I have love for American Apparel.”

Huizar also noted that American Apparel management came through the Great Recession without cutting popular services for the company’s work force, including English-language classes and an on-site health clinic.”The leaders of American Apparel keep their conscience and do the right things,” Huizar said.

The ceremony began with remarks by Marty Bailey, American Apparel’s chief manufacturing officer. “Fifteen years ago, this company started with a cell phone, a car, and a dream from the founder of the company, Dov Charney,” Bailey said. Charney did not attend the anniversary event. Bailey also said the company started with a work force of 68 people. It now employs more than 6,000 people.—Andrew Asch

American Apparel Turns 15 – Fashion Manufacturing News | California Apparel News | LA Fashion.

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OOTD: Snow Rebel

I appologize for the over powering music. When I put it in it was much more quite.

Snow must love me since it continues to come down from the above to play. I want spring! I want blossoms and sunrays on my bare legs. I want the feel of light silk shirts paired with cropped pants. I want spring! My hope is if I make a fuss; if I rebel against winter’s long reign maybe lazy spring will pop it’s floral head out and banish old man winter from my garden…and wardrobe.

To rebel I wore some thrifted vintage items, perfectly suited for spring.

Jeans: Urban Behavior// Blouse: Thirft store// Shoes: Thrift Store// Clutch: Thirft Store// Hair Accessory: Ardene




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Yesstyle Shoe Sale! (one of my favorite online shops) is having a shoe sale until April 11 where both new arrival and already disconted shoes are on sale! Being in Canada, I’m not able to participate in this awesomeness since the sale is only valid for,, and If you can, check out the promotion and get an EXTRA 15% of all shoes!

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Rising New Talent: Anne Sofie Madsen

Do I like her because she was trained by John Gallianno, or because she worked for Alexander McQueen? No, though her impressive resume defiantly makes her an interest in the fashion word. As a designer, Anne Sofie Madsen creates the stunning head turning pieces you expect from couture, but in a way that makes them wearable and that is why I like her. Her pieces are crisp, clean, and futuristic, yet chic.

Her W/F 2012 collection takes inspiration from a tragic horror story: Sedna–the half skeleton and half human Inuit goddess of the underworld.

The skeleton of Sedna is depicted in the work with techniques inspired by carvings in Ivory from the Inuit tupilak figures. The human side of Sedna shows a more vivid figure expressed through the patterns and fringes covering the garments. Silhouettes inspired by Victorian menswear contribute to the atmosphere of the horrendous story.

Expressive and beautiful, this collection bring to life the characters of the 19th century horror literature.

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Scallop Edges and Detail

I have a thing for scallop edge garments and accessories. They always add an instant touch of cute to an item without looking childish. Luckily, this season, designers are just as in love with this detail as I am. You can find scallop edges and detail in just about anything from swimsuits to shoes. This style takes inspiration from vintage garments. I have a few 40’s and 50’s items that have scallop detail and the items that are usually made with scallop detailing have a vintage essence to them. They work well with modern pieces, and with so many different types of items to choose from, scallop edge and detail pieces can work for just about any type of style. Will you wear scallop detail apparel this season?

Miso Belted Scallop Hem Shorts  Chloé Scalloped triangle bikini  Victoria, Victoria Beckham Scalloped crepe dress Pleat Scallop Cropped Shell Patent Scallop Leather Robin Bag Taupe Scallop Bow Round Toe Court

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March 2012 Glymm Box Review

The best way for me to describe Glymm’s March box is as a variety of dissapointments. Though each product on their own wasn’t bad, and they did send two full size items, the box as a whole was a let done when I compare it with Glymm boxes from the past. I will give Glymm credit in that they did send a vairety of products. View the video below, and let me know if you think this box would have you subscribing to their $10 a month subscription.

Silver Sequin Top Body

I spotted this silver sequin top body on and fell in love. It wasn’t a love at first sight, but the more I looked at it the more I wanted it. The only reason I don’t own it is because they don’t have my size. I love this item for 3 reasons:

1. You could create 1001 looks with it. Because the top of this body suit looks like a top, it would work beautifully with skirts, blazers, etc. It’s one of those pieces that you can wear again in so many different ways that your look would always appear fresh.

2. It’s affordable. Currently, at full price, this item is $57.00. To me, that isn’t a bad price for such an item considering all the fun you could have creating outfits with it and if it were to go on sale it would be even more afforadable.

3. It comes in a wardrobe friendly color. If this item were in any other color, I doubt I’d be so in love with it, nor would it make it as a feature. But gunmetal black is a color that can easily be paired with other colors.

Sey by: hannah-grace

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Walking on rainbows: Colorblock Heels

Spring is usually all about color, but this season it seems designers can’t settle on simply one color. As a result, we have a rainbow inspired color block trend that can be seen from head to two on the fashion forward. I personally love color and the compolation found on these heels is lovely. It’s almost as if we’ve been given to chance to not take our wardrobes too seriously, and put back a little fun in our style. Colorblock heels look bold, yet chic. I especially adore the I basic sandal. The orange backing adds just the right amount of pop without looking tacky. It is also the one of least expensive in the bunch (another reason to love it). If you want to try to the colorblock trend, but aren’t sure how to combine colors stylishly, why not simply slip on a pair of these shoes with your jeans or spring dress.


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Interview With Style Inspiration: YOUTH AGAINST FASHION

As much as I love girly fun styles, a lot of my style inspirations come from males such as Francesco. Best known by his chictopian name youthagainstfashion, he is a style blogger, painter, creator of INVERTED COMMAS totes and a style inspiration for many.

I discovered him on Chictopia, where I fell in love with his sense of style. I admire the way he layers and combines graphic tees with chic jackets or vests, making everything work in an interesting yet classy way.

In addition to being a style icon, he also paints whimsical pictures on totes. Much like his style, his totes are both simple yet creative. I got the opportunity to interview Francesco to learn more about him, his style and his shop. Check out the interview below.

Tell me a bit about yourself: name, location, affiliations, pets?

 I’m Francesco, I’m 29 and I’m currently living in Florence, Italy. I work mostly as a teacher and as a free lance illustrator; last fall I’ve opened my online shop where canvas tote bags with my original illustrations are available

What can you be found doing on a typical Saturday afternoon?

I work quite hard during weekdays, so on Saturday I usually try to relax a little. I take care of my online shop and I enjoy some spare time with friends watching a movie or visiting an exhibition. I like to stay at home too, especially during the winter season

What are 3 of your favorite places to shops?

I’d say Zara, H&M and Sisley are the shops where I shop more often. I love shopping online too.

What made you first decide to create totes and how did you find out about etsy?

I already knew Etsy as a buyer, I use to shop there for vintage stuff like ties, bow-ties and brooches. I was looking for a project in which I could express myself as easily as I can, since I work a lot during the week, I wanted something that could be mine all mine. I love painting, I’ve made lots of paintings since my school years, they’re all pretty big and expensive, so this time I thought I wanted my art to be more mainstream and cheaper, I wanted my art to reach more and more people. So I see those white tote bags as little canvas where I can paint on. I hope to keep the concept INVERTED COMMAS was born with.

Your totes are creative and playful, as well as colorful. They remind me of a chidren’s book. Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?

Inspiration comes from my every day life, my personal experience and background. They’re all like characters and players of my own world. I’ve always loved bright colors for my paintings, it has never been something I’ve thought about, those colors just come out from me in a pretty natural way.

What inspired your shop name: Inverted Commas?

It was pretty hard to find a name for my shop. I wanted something catchy. In the end I thought I should have chosen something personal, so I came up with INVERTED COMMAS because in Italian I say “in inverted commas” so many times a day, my friends make fun of me for this; so I thought this could work, also because it belongs to me.

What are your future plans for Inverted Commas?

I’m about to launch a new round of tote bags, I’ve been working on new illustrations those past months so I’m pretty excited to finally show them. I’ve lots of ideas for INVERTED COMMAS, I’d love to collaborate with other designers, that’s an option I’d love to try. But I need some time to figure out how this could work, and I’m pretty busy….so I guess this will take some months!

Do you have a style tip you live by?

Well, I always try to dress up every day but I’m often in a hurry , so I think that you need to think of details. A nice detail can make stand out a plain outfit: so I try to add brooches, rings, scarves…

How has your style evolved?

When I was younger, like a teen-ager, I honestly didn’t care a lot about the way I looked. I started getting into fashion later, when I got interested in Fashion Photography; from there I started becoming more self conscious about my looks, and I began taking some fashion risks…now I feel a bit old (!) so I try to dress in a very clean way, maybe adding some quirky details sometimes.

Favorite Spring look?

I love spring because I can layer a lot, I love wearing nice printed t-shirts with a vest and a skinny black jeans, that’s my spring style I’d say!

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

You can find more about my shop on the official site: there you’ll find other links to stay in touch with me, I’m pretty active on Twitter: @INVERTED_COMMAS where I often tweet about fashion and music I like!


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Get Your Game On – Trade Talk

Just when retailers thought they had their hands full with the abundance of social media tools already on the market, along comes gamification.

No longer just the realm of 20-something males, gaming has increased in both retail and female audiences. According to a recent Mashable article, “66% of tablet owners play social games daily, and 46% of tablet gamers are women,” and “the largest group of social gamers is women between the ages of 35 and 44.”

While traditional business logic suggests focusing on obtaining direct revenue, rewarding a consumer with points or rewards is a way of establishing an emotional connection with the consumer, as well as increasing loyalty and brand advocacy, which can result in increased profits.

“What’s more valuable?  Someone who buys a lot, or someone who buys less but recommends the brand to all of their friends?,” asked Matthew Brand, senior sales executive for Badgeville.

By engaging with consumers through contests, games and rewards, the consumer is gaining status within that online community and thereby incentivized to participate more, he explained.

Traditional loyalty rewards buying a product, but Badgeville rewards engagement, such as reviewing a product on a brand’s website, posting or answering a question, or liking the product on the brand’s Facebook page.

A customer can receive 500 points to register a product, 300 points to answer a question in a Q&A and 200 points to like an item through Facebook. With enough points, they could become the leading fashionista of a particular site, Brand explained.

“People are motivated by status and reputation,” he said. “It’s like a certificate saying you’re employee of the month.”

Some of Badgeville’s customers include and Foot Locker.

From a retailer’s standpoint, having a consumer advocate for a brand on its own site is more valuable than the customer advocating for it on their personal Facebook page or through their own social media, Brand explained.

“People’s affinity will only resonate with a small group of people on Facebook – but if you share within that [brand’s] community there’s more success because it will resonate with that community.”

Get Your Game On – Trade Talk.

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