How do you decide what you will buy?

How do you decide what you will or won’t buy? Do you purchase items right away, or do you go home and think about them…then rush to the store hoping it’s still there? I’m not a shopper. I like to look more than own. This may be why it took me nearly a year to own my favorite skirt. I saw the petticoat reversible tutu in american apperal and had that “where have you been all my life” moment. But despite my glee, the continuous day dreaming, and the envy of seeing it on other girls, I simply didn’t have the urge to purchase it right away.

Maybe it was the original price (I got mine on sale), maybe it was the feeling of it going to waste as it sat in the closet never really being worn. I made a number of excuses for not owning it. Do you ever do that? Deprive yourself of something you really want?

I stopped the excuses and bought it. I figured, if these many months have gone by and it’s still making my heart kick-start I obviously love it.

This was my favorite outfit in February. And come spring/summer I’ll be wearing it a lot. In fact, I may forget I own anything else.

Petticoat Skirt: American Apperal -$58

Graphic Tank: H&M-$15

Bow Headband: Ardene -less than $5

Belt: Betsey Johnson -around $40

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4 thoughts on “How do you decide what you will buy?

  1. sorka707 says:

    Really cool!! I like this outfit! =D

  2. hey_im_kate says:

    Saw this top and knew I should of bought it! Such a fun look.

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