Making a statement with flower necklaces


They’re bright, colorful, and bold–flower necklaces are everywhere and unlike the tame pendant necklaces so often seen in the past these ones are made for making a statement. I blame Betsey Johnson for this, considering how three out of the five pieces featured in this post are from her collection. Regardless of whose idea it was to cluster together coloful flowers with gems and beads, it’s a playful idea that works for spring. I could see these necklaces on a plain white blouse with some dress shorts and wedge heels. They would add that perfect pop to a sunny spring day outfit.

Betsey Johnson Necklace, Flower Cluster Statement Necklace  Flower Skull Necklace  Betsey Johnson Yacht Club Multi Flower Necklace

Kate Spade New York Posey Park Statement Necklace  Dillon Bib Necklace



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One thought on “Making a statement with flower necklaces

  1. stylerealist says:

    You definitely have to be bold to wear one of these. I’m loving the Betsey Johnson piece…

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