Interview With Style Inspiration: YOUTH AGAINST FASHION

As much as I love girly fun styles, a lot of my style inspirations come from males such as Francesco. Best known by his chictopian name youthagainstfashion, he is a style blogger, painter, creator of INVERTED COMMAS totes and a style inspiration for many.

I discovered him on Chictopia, where I fell in love with his sense of style. I admire the way he layers and combines graphic tees with chic jackets or vests, making everything work in an interesting yet classy way.

In addition to being a style icon, he also paints whimsical pictures on totes. Much like his style, his totes are both simple yet creative. I got the opportunity to interview Francesco to learn more about him, his style and his shop. Check out the interview below.

Tell me a bit about yourself: name, location, affiliations, pets?

 I’m Francesco, I’m 29 and I’m currently living in Florence, Italy. I work mostly as a teacher and as a free lance illustrator; last fall I’ve opened my online shop where canvas tote bags with my original illustrations are available

What can you be found doing on a typical Saturday afternoon?

I work quite hard during weekdays, so on Saturday I usually try to relax a little. I take care of my online shop and I enjoy some spare time with friends watching a movie or visiting an exhibition. I like to stay at home too, especially during the winter season

What are 3 of your favorite places to shops?

I’d say Zara, H&M and Sisley are the shops where I shop more often. I love shopping online too.

What made you first decide to create totes and how did you find out about etsy?

I already knew Etsy as a buyer, I use to shop there for vintage stuff like ties, bow-ties and brooches. I was looking for a project in which I could express myself as easily as I can, since I work a lot during the week, I wanted something that could be mine all mine. I love painting, I’ve made lots of paintings since my school years, they’re all pretty big and expensive, so this time I thought I wanted my art to be more mainstream and cheaper, I wanted my art to reach more and more people. So I see those white tote bags as little canvas where I can paint on. I hope to keep the concept INVERTED COMMAS was born with.

Your totes are creative and playful, as well as colorful. They remind me of a chidren’s book. Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?

Inspiration comes from my every day life, my personal experience and background. They’re all like characters and players of my own world. I’ve always loved bright colors for my paintings, it has never been something I’ve thought about, those colors just come out from me in a pretty natural way.

What inspired your shop name: Inverted Commas?

It was pretty hard to find a name for my shop. I wanted something catchy. In the end I thought I should have chosen something personal, so I came up with INVERTED COMMAS because in Italian I say “in inverted commas” so many times a day, my friends make fun of me for this; so I thought this could work, also because it belongs to me.

What are your future plans for Inverted Commas?

I’m about to launch a new round of tote bags, I’ve been working on new illustrations those past months so I’m pretty excited to finally show them. I’ve lots of ideas for INVERTED COMMAS, I’d love to collaborate with other designers, that’s an option I’d love to try. But I need some time to figure out how this could work, and I’m pretty busy….so I guess this will take some months!

Do you have a style tip you live by?

Well, I always try to dress up every day but I’m often in a hurry , so I think that you need to think of details. A nice detail can make stand out a plain outfit: so I try to add brooches, rings, scarves…

How has your style evolved?

When I was younger, like a teen-ager, I honestly didn’t care a lot about the way I looked. I started getting into fashion later, when I got interested in Fashion Photography; from there I started becoming more self conscious about my looks, and I began taking some fashion risks…now I feel a bit old (!) so I try to dress in a very clean way, maybe adding some quirky details sometimes.

Favorite Spring look?

I love spring because I can layer a lot, I love wearing nice printed t-shirts with a vest and a skinny black jeans, that’s my spring style I’d say!

Where can people find out more about you and your work?

You can find more about my shop on the official site: there you’ll find other links to stay in touch with me, I’m pretty active on Twitter: @INVERTED_COMMAS where I often tweet about fashion and music I like!


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3 thoughts on “Interview With Style Inspiration: YOUTH AGAINST FASHION

  1. The tote bags look like little pieces of modern art, I like! He should extend his designs to other garments someday, too.

  2. Layered looks are awesome! Great interview!

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