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OOTD: Colored Imagination

My mind is a rainbow of thoughts, my wardrobe is a mashup daydreams and fairytales. Not always in style or even stylish, but always me. Sometimes my over active imagination shows up in my outfits where I end up looking like a wildly colored tale with an incomplete ending. If I read less I might not want to dress like the girls in the stories, but I never advice reading less.

Dress: Yesstyle//Stockings: Ardene//Coat: Thrift Store//



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Glymm’s April Beauty Sample Box Review and Unboxing

April flowers–that’s what Glymm decided to call their box this month. They filled it with pretty scented items and a couple of products to make my heart dance like a flower in the wind. I actually liked this box, as opposed to last months that left me very disappointed. April rekindled my love for Glymm. Check out the video to see what this $10 sample box offered.

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Is this too much?

My friends say I’m sometimes overdressed, but no one dresses up in my city so if you wear a clean t-shirt you’re considered overdressed. However another reason could be attributed to the fact that everyone dresses up in my family. My mom is always looks well put together as does my sister. Sometimes though, they forget they are simply running a quick errand and not attending an event. Below are what they each wear to buy gas and pick up a quick item like milk or in my sister’s case shampoo.

My mom’s outfit is top to bottom thifted. My sister’s outfit is mostly thrifted; her dress is from yesstyle and her bag is from urban outfitters.

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Need Not Want Lots

Usually, I try to buy things I need or at least make sure it’ll be useful. But secretly, I store away fantasies of owning unuseful, kitchy, will-be out-by-next-season, you-can’t-possibly-find-a-use-for-that items. Somethings are nice to mentally own. But every now and then I turn my fantasies into a reality and actually purchase them. Currently, here are items I don’t really need but I want a whole lot!


Blue Bunny Sweets Urbanears Headphones – Audiophile Deco Lolita Street Fashion DJ Raver



Do I need bold blue lolita style art deco headphones…does anyone?  But do I want them…yes yes a thousand times yes. Found on glamasaurus these headphones would make a sweet accessory.

Ivory Cotton Lace Parasol


This lovely parasol could become a handy summer accessory. What perfectly darling way to block the sun out. I’ve always wanted a parasol and this one from The Lovely Memories is beautiful.


Black lace cat ear headband


Whether they’re cat ears, bunny, fox, or whatever lace animal ears are so trendy and chic. Give me a barn yard full of them.


D E S E R T R O S E Feather Headdress

Ever since I was 8 I wanted a headdress. Maybe it’s because every time we played cowboys and indians I always ended up as the indian and wanted a headdress to make me truly feel and look the part. The hipster craze has turned this cultural item into a hot summer accessory and the 8 year old in me still wants one. This one from Desert Rose jewelry MF conjures up all sorts of Native American romantic tales in me.


Is there an accessory that you don’t need but want just the same?

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Florence Dress

Daring plung v-neck, delicate petals that flutter and flow, deliciously pastel–the Jones and Jones Florence Dress is a flirty yet elegant summer hit. The back mimics the front, showing off your summer skin but the beautiful skirt bottom keeps it classy. While I don’t normally do deep v-necks, this dress is such a pretty fashion piece that combines edge and feminity so well that I couldn’t resist featuring it. In the summer heat, this dress would make you look that a blossomed beauty rather than a wilting rose.


Set created by me

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He quickly became a style muse for myself.

Bold Blazers

Put a blazer on it–that’s what my sister and I say when you have a look that you’re not quite sure how to make chic, or that needs a touch of something. These blazers on the other hand are something else! You won’t get lost in the crowd in a bold blazer.

A well fitting blazer is something everyone should have for they can assist in pulling together a look taking it from “nice” to “you look amazing!” This bold blazer trend is for the girl that likes to standout. While sophisticated, they aren’t boring. They would add an instant touch of personality to your look without having to over accessorize. On an all black jumper, I could see all these blazers adding a trendy edge. Would you wear a bold blazer?

Rebecca Minkoff Becky Jacket Finch tropical-print cotton-blend blazer Collarless Mikado Jacket Silk-blend floral brocade jacket Paul Smith Cropped Floral Jacket

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Shoe Haul and Review of

Buying shoes online is always risky business for me. It’s not something I typically do, but when they come at such an affordable price it’s hard to play it safe. I recently discovered, a retail website that sells both women’s and men’s apparel. When on sale, you can find some nice items for very reasonable prices. I took the plunge and bought 2 pairs of shoes: some lace black flats and some black platform heels. I figured since it was my first time purchasing from there I would not do a crazy shopping spree.

The Good: has well priced items. Both my shoes came up to 21.23 before shipping. I’d be thrilled to get one shoe for that on sale!  Even before sale prices,’s items are reasonable. They also do frequent promos allowing you to get even more off.

Shipping did not take long. In Canada, everything takes forever to arrive. 10 days for an item to ship is considered fast. Alloy did not give me a tracking number, but the estimated date was correct.

The items are nice. While they are not the best quality, they are fine for the price. They are comfortable and they look cute with outfits. The heels I bought have a rubber grip which makes it easier to walk in and the flats are nicely padded. The sizing is accurate. I however, have narrow feet and so the heels are a bit wide. They fit better with an insole. But the flats fit perfectly. I bought an 8 1/2 for both shoes.

The bad:

The biggest complaint I have is the shipping prices for international countries. If you are in the States shipping is not outrageous and they often have promos for free shipping. Sadly, these promos do not apply to locations outside the U.S.A and the price of shipping is steep. For my two items shipping was 21.95. That’s more than what I paid for my merchandise! I would highly suggest doing a bulk or group buy in order to make the shipping worth it.

Overall: For their ease of shopping and great prices I will definitely shop there again and would recommend it to others. In the future, I’ll purchase a greater quantity of items so my shipping fees balance out with the item fees.

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Oh sunny days I got a sunshine award!

It’s sunnier here than it has been all week. Perhaps it’s because one of my favorite fashion blogs bugwear nominated me for the sunshine blog award! Thank you!!! This is my first blog award for this blog, and I love how it came with some entertaining rules to spice up this post with.


1. Include the award Logo(s) in a post or in your blog.

Answer 10 questions about yourself

2. Q1 – Favorite color?


Q2 – Favourite animal?

The baby version of any animal (baby elephants gahh)

Q3 – Favourite number?

No one will ever know this. It’s such a secret that even I don’t know it.

Q4 – Favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Bubble tea!

Q5 – Facebook or Twitter?

Tweet tweet (though in all honesty I’m having a grand love affair with tumblr)

Q6 – My Passion?


Q7 – Prefer getting or giving presents?

Giving…to myself

Q8 – Favorite Pattern?

Too many to decide

Q9 – Favorite Day of the Week?

Friday or saturday night.

Q10 – Favorite Flower?

Venus flytrap, bleeding hearts, dragon snaps…this list could on.

Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers.

Panier of Plenty: Wonderfully written posts about life in France

Yasmin Cruz: Awesome blog. You’ll be hooked once you follow. Trust me.

Strawberry and shoes: She loves etsy, I love etsy, following her was a no brainer

Body and Mind Center: Helpful quotes and articles to live better

Ram’s Look: Street style and fashion blog with some great looks from around the world.

Amy’s Vintage Closet: Lovely vintage style

Wings for liberty: Fashion, style and beauty of a lovely girl living in Japan. Beautiful photography.

Chocolate and Raspberries: Inspiring style blogger

  DIY Kawaii: Cute blog full of cute things.

Effortless Cool: If I can be as cool as this blogger I’ll be a very happy lady. Awesome style photography

4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.




Flash-Sale Site LuxeStyle Bows – Fashion Retailing News | California Apparel News | LA Fashion

Established retailers such as Nordstrom Inc. and Inc. made news by acquiring flash-sale sites Hautelook in 2011 and in 2010, respectively, but the market for fashion flash-sale sites remains wide open. Los Angeles–headquartered e-commerce retailer LuxeYard recently stepped into the field with LuxeStyle, its flash-sale site for fashion. LuxeStyle’s points of difference are a concierge service that lets consumers suggest sale items and a roster of designer advisers.

“We’re only at the beginning in reinventing how retail operates,” said Steve Beauregard, the site’s chief operating officer. LuxeStyle hopes to carve a unique niche with tools such as its concierge service. With the concierge, consumers will be able to lobby the site’s buyers with specific requests by uploading a photo of a garment they’d like the site to carry. LuxeStyle’s buyers will source the product and produce a special flash sale if a group of consumers requests the same garment.

LuxeStyle also will offer vintage pieces from iconic fashion houses such as Chanel, Gucci and Lanvin, as well as contemporary and emerging brands such as Velvet, Michael Stars, Yoyo Yeung, Frankie B and Petro Zillia. Frankie B founder Daniella Clarke will consult the LuxeStyle buying team. Petro Zillia founder Nony Tochterman will also be among a group of “trendsetters” who will post news of their favorite picks and products on the website. Other trendsetters are E! news host Giuliana Rancic; Courtney Capretta, designer of the Capretta fashion label; and stylist Lindsay Albanese.

Flash-sale sites typically sell specific items at deep discounts, and site members make their purchases during the scheduled sales times. Retailers such as Macy’s Inc. and juniors brands such as YMI produce their own flash sales, said Deke Jamieson, executive vice president of YMI. “All of the business on the Internet is about the deal. The flash sale is a great incentive for driving traffic, but in another couple of months it will be something else,” he said.

Yet these sites can build bonds with consumers, said Stephanie Ghanem, a law student from the Los Angeles area and a flash-sale shopper. “They all represent different designers and have different user appeal,” Ghanem said. “Consumers get really comfortable with websites, and they tend to be loyal to a select few.”—Andrew Asch

Flash-Sale Site LuxeStyle Bows – Fashion Retailing News | California Apparel News | LA Fashion.

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