Floral Print Tops are Growing On Me

Growing up, I never liked patterned garments, especially floral. But now they’re growing on me. Perhaps it’s because they’re everywhere. Floral print tops are popping up like the the roses in my garden, and like the roses they are beautiful. Besides being a seaonal favorite, floral print tops look great when paired with a solid skirt, or pair of pants/shorts.

You will always see floral prints during spring. It’s an unwritten must for spring fashion. People expect it. Flowers are nice to look at and wear in some form or other, so we can be sure that designers will try to mimic somebody’s garden.

This season the flowers are larger. Instead small little budding flowers, we get big blossomed roses. I like the look of it and it’s a little easier for the eye to take in than a dozen dasies all splashed onto one blouse. While I would never fill my closet with floral print garments, I think a couple tops would be a nice addition to a spring wardrobe.

Aqua Floral Print Shell Top Aqua bird tab sleeve tee  paul smith black label Womens Floral Oversized Jersey Multi Coloured Top  DOLCE & GABBANA Floral printed silk blouse

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One thought on “Floral Print Tops are Growing On Me

  1. bugwear says:

    Mu sentiments exactly. Still not sure whether it’s that floral stopped being, or that I became Mumsy – anyhows, love it these days!

    Bug @ Bugwear

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