Shoe Haul and Review of

Buying shoes online is always risky business for me. It’s not something I typically do, but when they come at such an affordable price it’s hard to play it safe. I recently discovered, a retail website that sells both women’s and men’s apparel. When on sale, you can find some nice items for very reasonable prices. I took the plunge and bought 2 pairs of shoes: some lace black flats and some black platform heels. I figured since it was my first time purchasing from there I would not do a crazy shopping spree.

The Good: has well priced items. Both my shoes came up to 21.23 before shipping. I’d be thrilled to get one shoe for that on sale!  Even before sale prices,’s items are reasonable. They also do frequent promos allowing you to get even more off.

Shipping did not take long. In Canada, everything takes forever to arrive. 10 days for an item to ship is considered fast. Alloy did not give me a tracking number, but the estimated date was correct.

The items are nice. While they are not the best quality, they are fine for the price. They are comfortable and they look cute with outfits. The heels I bought have a rubber grip which makes it easier to walk in and the flats are nicely padded. The sizing is accurate. I however, have narrow feet and so the heels are a bit wide. They fit better with an insole. But the flats fit perfectly. I bought an 8 1/2 for both shoes.

The bad:

The biggest complaint I have is the shipping prices for international countries. If you are in the States shipping is not outrageous and they often have promos for free shipping. Sadly, these promos do not apply to locations outside the U.S.A and the price of shipping is steep. For my two items shipping was 21.95. That’s more than what I paid for my merchandise! I would highly suggest doing a bulk or group buy in order to make the shipping worth it.

Overall: For their ease of shopping and great prices I will definitely shop there again and would recommend it to others. In the future, I’ll purchase a greater quantity of items so my shipping fees balance out with the item fees.

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