Bold Blazers

Put a blazer on it–that’s what my sister and I say when you have a look that you’re not quite sure how to make chic, or that needs a touch of something. These blazers on the other hand are something else! You won’t get lost in the crowd in a bold blazer.

A well fitting blazer is something everyone should have for they can assist in pulling together a look taking it from “nice” to “you look amazing!” This bold blazer trend is for the girl that likes to standout. While sophisticated, they aren’t boring. They would add an instant touch of personality to your look without having to over accessorize. On an all black jumper, I could see all these blazers adding a trendy edge. Would you wear a bold blazer?

Rebecca Minkoff Becky Jacket Finch tropical-print cotton-blend blazer Collarless Mikado Jacket Silk-blend floral brocade jacket Paul Smith Cropped Floral Jacket

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3 thoughts on “Bold Blazers

  1. Rubina says:

    Great selection!

  2. Bug says:

    Defo! The black/floral is my fave.

    Bug @ Bugwear

  3. Great array of blazers! I have a pink one but want a white Zara one that’s currently in stock. Love them.

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