Need Not Want Lots

Usually, I try to buy things I need or at least make sure it’ll be useful. But secretly, I store away fantasies of owning unuseful, kitchy, will-be out-by-next-season, you-can’t-possibly-find-a-use-for-that items. Somethings are nice to mentally own. But every now and then I turn my fantasies into a reality and actually purchase them. Currently, here are items I don’t really need but I want a whole lot!


Blue Bunny Sweets Urbanears Headphones – Audiophile Deco Lolita Street Fashion DJ Raver



Do I need bold blue lolita style art deco headphones…does anyone?  But do I want them…yes yes a thousand times yes. Found on glamasaurus these headphones would make a sweet accessory.

Ivory Cotton Lace Parasol


This lovely parasol could become a handy summer accessory. What perfectly darling way to block the sun out. I’ve always wanted a parasol and this one from The Lovely Memories is beautiful.


Black lace cat ear headband


Whether they’re cat ears, bunny, fox, or whatever lace animal ears are so trendy and chic. Give me a barn yard full of them.


D E S E R T R O S E Feather Headdress

Ever since I was 8 I wanted a headdress. Maybe it’s because every time we played cowboys and indians I always ended up as the indian and wanted a headdress to make me truly feel and look the part. The hipster craze has turned this cultural item into a hot summer accessory and the 8 year old in me still wants one. This one from Desert Rose jewelry MF conjures up all sorts of Native American romantic tales in me.


Is there an accessory that you don’t need but want just the same?

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One thought on “Need Not Want Lots

  1. Bug says:

    Unnecessary = Fabulous in my book.

    Bug @ Bugwear

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