Atwood Goes All Medieval With HSN – Trade Talk


Colleen Atwood was won well-deserved accolades for the costumes she created for “Chicago,” “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Not to mention some of the inspired costumes she has created for gems such as “Married to the Mob” (I’m not kidding. I freakin’ love that movie.)

Her latest work will hit movie screens June 1 with the release of “Snow White and the Huntsman.” But fans of Atwood—and Snow White, apparently—will get a preview when the costume designer introduces her first ready-to-wear collection inspired by the film during a live-shopping event on HSN on May 30.

According to a release, Atmood’s RTW collection will include “faux suede, leather trim, lace and chiffon details,” as well as an “exquisite embroidered dress inspired by one of the Queen’s gowns.” Prices will range from $39 for a short-sleeved top to $169 for the dress inspired by Charlize Theron’s evil queen character.

No sign of the images of Atwood’s collection, which promises to reflect “the spirit of the film.” The images of the film online indicate the costumes are set in medieval times—long gowns, leather jerkins, armor. I can’t quite picture what Atwood’s modern take will be, but I’m not surprised to hear Theron’s costumes inspired a few pieces. She looks fantastic.

Kristen Stewart’s Snow White seems to spend much of the film in armor—or covered in dirt.

But the accessories–again, worn by Theron–are pretty rad.

Atwood’s capsule collection is part of more than 200 items—including jewelry, more fashion and home accessories (wax apples?)—inspired by the film which will be sold on HSN on May 30. Brands including Hutton Wilkinson, Loree Rodkin, Heidi Daus, Ranjana Khan and Adrianne Landau will be sold on HSN’s cable station, website and its mobile application.



Atwood Goes All Medieval With HSN – Trade Talk.

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