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Free Your Mane Shampoo and Conditioner Review

In my Glymm box, I received a sample of Free Your Mane sulfate hydrating shampoo and daily detangling conditioner. Below is my review of the pros and cons based on a one time use.



Smells Good: I really like the smell of this shampoo. It’s sweet yet mild. The aroma made washing my hair that much more enjoyable. I honestly didn’t want to wash it out. ‘

Great lather: The lather of this shampoo is rich, even with a small amount.

No parabens: The biggest pro for this shampoo is the fact that it is paraben free. This lets me confidently use it without worrying about what it is doing to my hair and health in the long run.

Left Hair Feeling Soft: Usually when I use shampoos, my hair feels really dry. But this hydrating shampoo really does hydrate. My hair felt clean without feeling like it had been stripped clean. My hair also felt soft after using it.


Price: This product sells for $16 on free your mane’s website. That doesn’t work with my student budget.



Scent: The conditioner has the same great scent as the shampoo

Detangles, somewhat: While this product didn’t completely detangle my hair, it did do a fair enough job of it. Granted I do have very thick hair.

Shines hair: One of the things I noticed was how shiny my hair was. The conditioner lives up to the claim of giving your hair a brilliant shine.


Price: The conditioner is the same price as the shampoo, $16, which for their 10.14oz (300ml) bottle doesn’t seem like a budget friendly price.

Overall: I like free your mane’s shampoo and conditioner. They smell great, and give you healthy looking hair without using harsh chemicals. If the price were lower, I’d give it a five-star rating.

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OOTD: Pinky Promises

I promised myself I would wear this outfit at least once this summer. Do you ever do that? I mean, create an outfit idea in your head and then put on? Do you do that?

The skirt I’ve had for ages, bought at a thrift store, I’ve worn and loved it many times. But when I wore it with my American Apparel petticoat tutu, I was smitten with it in a whole new way. It’s as if it was given a whole new personality.

As I stood in a little patch of my garden, I felt like a cowboy’s sweetheart, waiting for him to come home from a day’s adventure. My heart twirling with excitment as I wait for him to walk through the gate.

There was no cowboy, only daydreams and warm thoughts on a warm summer day.

Top:China Town Shop//Belt:Yesstyle//Skirt:Thrift Store//Cowgirl Boots:Gift

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OOTD: Platforms and Sushi

In my platform heels , I step quickly, looking for a place to heal the hunger pains. The streets are lined with little cafes and dives all pumping out enticing scents. Nothing meets my desire. I don’t want to eat, I want to put my mouth through a delightful experience. Days like this, when I want more than just food, I go for the one thing that always makes me feel like I didn’t waste my money–sushi. I never feel quilty eating it. I never feel like I should have had something else. In my plateform heels, I walk towards my favorite sushi place with a smile on my face.

Platform store//Bracelet: Jacobs//Skinny Jean Acid Wash Cords:Urban Behavior//Navey Top: H&M

Sushi: Chef special at Sumo Lounge

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It’s Launched!

For those who tried to access during these past couple days, the site is up now. My appologies to anyone who had trouble accessing it prior to today, but it’s up now so be sure to check it out and join. It’s a great way to get style inspiration and share your favorite looks!

Style Says: The easy way to shop a fashion blogger’s closet


One of the reasons I love fashion blogging is the ability to get inspired by stylish people in all parts of the world. The World Wide Web has made it easy to see not only what is fashionable in different parts of the world, but what people my age are wearing and to what. Fashion blogs are extremely inspiring and influential to today’s fashion industry and it’s always fun to look at the way they’ve pieced together their outfits.

However, up until recently, it wasn’t easy to imitate a blogger or even celebrity look. Even though countless websites and bloggers were sharing where they got the clothes they weren’t able to let you buy the same or similar items. I’m sure we’ve all been there at least once—you see a great style/fashion blogger outfit and think “WHERE CAN I GET SOMETHING LIKE THAT?”

This is just one of the reasons why I like The website is focussed not just on sharing pieces and outfits, but letting members recreate and buy the outfits. Style says tags every item in an outfit photo and provides a link to purchase them, as well as similar items from different price points.

This makes it easy for virtually any budget to be able to grab the looks they love. Stylesay’s clipping tool is incredibly simple to use, and the website is overall addicting! I’ve been a member of this site for a while and my first thought when I joined was “FINALLY!” since I had yet to see any site like it that caters to stylists and fashionistas. It’s a fun way to seek out world wide trends, follow bloggers, get inspired by different styles and of course shop!

Check out their new website and join today! If you have an account follow me. I’ll follow back.

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