BA STAR Eye Shadow Review


I was recently introduced to a hot new makeup company: BA STAR. The  company offers a variety of beauty supplies and tools to help you get the perfect look for any occasion. I took the liberty of purchasing their smoky eye shadow palette and found that even an armature makeup user like myself can playfully experiment with the rich beautiful colors offered in their palette. My eyes had just the right amount of “sexy sparkle” for a night on the town. The palette contains

  • 3  Mineral Shadows. Charcoal, Diamond, Grey
  • 2 Gel Glitters. Black & Crystal
  • Double Applicator.

I adore the fact that the palette offers both mineral and gel glitters. This lets you experiment and create a plethora of different looks. Simply by mixing the different shadows you can change your look from “deeply sophisticated” to “glam girl.” It’s not often I achieve this with just one small palette. The packaging makes it easy to take it along with me, in case I need to touch up. However, I found my look lasted the whole night, even without a primer.

I love this palette and can’t wait to try other palettes from the company. The only con I found was the shipping price for international shipping. BA STAR’s products are very affordable, so if you purchase large quantities or do a group buy it works in your favor, but if you simply buy one palette, the costs outweigh the item itself.

I do recommend the product however, and because I love a good deal, all my readers get 50% off their purchase of a palette!

Simply type in the code BBSMOKY at checkout for 50% off

Visit the link below to visit the site now

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