Over the moon for these Overalls




Years ago, I saw a red pair of skinny overalls on a Korean singer and I couldn’t let it go. But until recently I haven’t been able to find a pair that made me swoon as much as I saw on her.

I was browsing on tumblr and saw a photo of the perfect pair of overalls. I squeeled in delight…then I cried from the heartbreak of finding out they are sold out. *Sigh* If they ever come back in stock, I’m stocking up! They’re from a website called the white pepper, and I’m assuming that’s the brand.

What I love about them is the cross between vintage and modern. You know how some overalls scream retro that you couldn’t wear them out without looking like you stepped out of an 80’s time machine. Others, that are modern, aren’t versatile. They’re either too laid back, so one can’t dress them, or they’re made of some awful material like pleather. These ones are so…chic!

Although I missed out on those ones,  I did buy a pair of skinny leg overalls from a different site. They were a lot cheaper and hopefully they’ll be just as cute in person. I’ll update when they arrive.

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