Soxxy Gets Five Stars For Customer Service

Snapseed_6 is a an online sock company that offers cute and stylish socks in different lengths. Though simple in appearance, their socks add that great finishing touch that one wants for their outfit. You can boast a sophisticated look with their thigh highs, or rock a more urban chic look with their ankle socks. You many even decide to try a retro look with their knee highs. No matter what the length these socks are a stylish accessory. What makes Soxxy truly stand out though is their leg hugging technology. There is an xo band around the inner top of the sock that helps the sock to stay in place. This means you don’t have to worry about slipping socks ruining your fabulous look.


Knee High Lucy Socks From Soxxy


Ankle Socks Rosie From Soxxie

But what I love even more than the socks, is the service provided by the company. As fashionistas, we often pay too much attention to the product and forgo how important customer care is. With so many shops letting their customers down it’s easy to forget that there are company’s like Soxxy that actually care about their consumer.

I recently tried purchasing a pair of socks from the Soxxy’s website only to have it fail after multiple tries (yes folks, I really wanted the socks). I emailed one of the representatives and she not only replied my message within the day, she offered to phone me to help me make the purchase!

Normally, I either don’t get a reply, or it’s something of an indifferent nature where the representative would rather not be bothered. Soxxy however, reminded me that even in this tech age, there still are people behind the companies.

I love shopping online; it’s fun and simple, and I love it even more when companies are willing to go out of their way to make sure it stays that way.

To give my lovely readers a chance to try their own pair of Soxxy socks, the company is offering everyone a discount on their next purchase! Visit now and get 15% off your order with the coupon code: SBNPEMJL4

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2 thoughts on “Soxxy Gets Five Stars For Customer Service

  1. Kimbercrafts says:

    Customer service is just as important to me as the products a company sells – I will keep them in mind for my stripey sock needs. 🙂

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