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Summer Faves

I know summer isn’t over yet, but I thought it’d be a better idea to do this post now before the chill of autumn caused me to completely forget to write it. Summer this year was a feast. I overate, overspent, and overshopped on multiple occasions. But with all my purchases came some distinct favorites that I wanted to share.

paulachoice1. Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum: I don’t think I can live without product! To say it works well is an understatement. The product claims to fight multiple signs of aging. I’m in my twenties so to be honest, aging signs are not on my check list, but I do want my skin to stay young and fresh and this produt is exactly what my skin asked for. It shrinks my pores, giving me a very smooth and texture. It helped reduce my breakouts and gave my skin a beautiful healthy glow. I love this serum! Regardless of its hefty price, I will continue to buy it.

2. Lush Vanilla De-Lite: vanilladeeliteThis body lotion was a sweet smelling treat for summer. Much like one would expect, it smells like vanilla, but it isn’t an overly sweet cupcake type of vanilla scent; there’s a freshness to it which may be contributed to by the kiwi and coconut water that are used to make the body lotion. I wouldn’t use the this in winter, for I don’t find it to be the most moisturizing lotion, but in summer it’s perfect.

bastarsmoky3. BA Star smoky eye palatte: I reviewed this eye shadow palette here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but it was a summer hit. It’s easy to get a great smoky eye with this palette and the highly pigmented colors stay on for several hours, which is great during the summer when all you want to do is have fun and not worry if your look is still flawless.

lancombhypnose4. Lancomb Hypnose mascara: This has become my favorite mascara. I bought it via the recomendation of the sales girl and I’m glad she suggested it. It  makes my lashes look beautiful! The brush of the hypnose mascara allows you to get long dark lashes that mimic false eye lashes–but without looking fake. It doesn’t irrate my eyes and I don’t have to put on several coats to get the effect I’m going for. It also lasts all day, doesn’t clump, and gives great definition. I can’t say enough about it. It’s just an amazing product.

5. Micha Boots from I bought the Micha boot on a whim, thinking they would be a cute item to wear to a summer festival…but…I’VE BEEN LIVING IN THEM! You can read my full review of them here, but I simply love these boots. They do have some flaws, which you can read about in my review but all in all they were a summer hit. They go with almost any summer outfit and I recieved a ton of compliments on them.

6. Mori girl style: Mori means forest in Japanese; mori girl style is a style that is inspired by a girl who lives in the forest or a small cottage in the country side. It’s a style that I’ve become obsessed with! I actually have been dressing mori girl for years without knowing that what the style was called or that it had it’s own subculture (thanks Japan for giving every style a subculture or every subculture a style). Mori girls wear looser fitting clothes, earthy tones, and the clothing pieces often have embrodairy, lace, kitting, or patchwork detail. It is similar to boho, but mori girl has a more vintage look about it. Layering is also important in mori girl. It’s a style that can be hit or miss but it is also can look very prarie girl chic when done right.


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My mom’s birthday is coming up and knowing she likes handbags, I decided to get her one…on a budget. I thought the best way to narrow my options would be to have a strict budget. I picked 2 numbers from my budget glass, and got $65. The video below shows the products I bought.

A quick review of

Overall I was pleased with the shopping experience at The Hut. They have a variety of items on their website and have frequent sales. I got an extra 20% off the handbags, which were already on sale. You can also find coupon codes online to use. I did this and got a 10% off my total purchase. I really liked how The Hut lets you use more than one discount. Not too many websites allow this, but doing so encouraged me to spend more since I knew I could use more than one coupon code to bring my total price down. Another thing I loved about the site was the shipping cost. It was only $1.50 for all my items! And I didn’t have to pay customs at the door.  The items came within a week.

The items that arrived were quality. That was the good thing; the bad was the size of the bag. It was far too small for my needs. The size of the tshirts fit me perfect, but for a medium they are a bit small. I didn’t have to use their customer service, so I can’t comment on that. But their communication in regards to my order was good.


If I had to do it again, I would have gone with the yesstyle bag. It is bigger and they were offering free shipping at the time (I didn’t know this when shopping). The modcloth bag is also lovely and I am very tempted to get it.


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Fashion Fan Club Clutch


This vegan faux leather clutch from modcloth is both quriky and flirtatious. I’m not sure it can’t carry much, but it would be a lovely accessory to own. I think the shape is unique and the golden tassel is a nice touch to make it stand out as a conversation piece. It’s just so chic and looks even more so in the set below by elske88 on polyvore.


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Alloy Micha Boot Review

Hello lovely,

I am sorry for not posting on here as often as promised. I wasn’t feeling well. However, now that I am getting back to myself, I wanted to share my review of the Micha boot with you. I bought these boots on for 59.90.


Pros: These boots look great in person. I’ve received a ton of compliments on them. I was worried they wouldn’t work with my wardrobe and style, but they look great with almost anything whether that be a summer dress, or denim, they just work. The crotched top helps to keep my legs cool on hot days. I was surprised by the quality of the boots. They also make for cute rainboots if it’s not pouring heavily.

Cons: These boots are easy to walk in and comfortable for the most part; however, my ankle bone was rubbing against the inside which made it a little uncomfortable. They feel better with socks on. Another thing to keep in mind is these boots are a size bigger. I usually buy a nine when buying boots but decided to go with an 8.5 based on reviews. The 8.5 is a good fit, but I may have been able to get away with an 8. I recommend going half a size or a size down from what you normally wear.

All in all, I love these boots and have been living in them. They are super cute and perfect for summer.

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