Budget Haul and Review

My mom’s birthday is coming up and knowing she likes handbags, I decided to get her one…on a budget. I thought the best way to narrow my options would be to have a strict budget. I picked 2 numbers from my budget glass, and got $65. The video below shows the products I bought.

A quick review of

Overall I was pleased with the shopping experience at The Hut. They have a variety of items on their website and have frequent sales. I got an extra 20% off the handbags, which were already on sale. You can also find coupon codes online to use. I did this and got a 10% off my total purchase. I really liked how The Hut lets you use more than one discount. Not too many websites allow this, but doing so encouraged me to spend more since I knew I could use more than one coupon code to bring my total price down. Another thing I loved about the site was the shipping cost. It was only $1.50 for all my items! And I didn’t have to pay customs at the door.  The items came within a week.

The items that arrived were quality. That was the good thing; the bad was the size of the bag. It was far too small for my needs. The size of the tshirts fit me perfect, but for a medium they are a bit small. I didn’t have to use their customer service, so I can’t comment on that. But their communication in regards to my order was good.


If I had to do it again, I would have gone with the yesstyle bag. It is bigger and they were offering free shipping at the time (I didn’t know this when shopping). The modcloth bag is also lovely and I am very tempted to get it.


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