BA-STAR Diamond Kit Review


BA-STAR was kind enough to send me their diamond star dust mineral shadow and glue shadow base to review. If you’d like you can watch my review in the video below. The video review covers my first impressions of the products while this post offers my pros and cons after having worn the products. Also, be sure to use the promo code BBDUST to get 50% off.

Diamond Star Dust ShadowDSCF5950


Longwear: One of the things I love about BA-STAR in general is how long-lasting their makeup is. They create makeup that is suited for performers or models, hence their makeup holds up under extreme conditions such as heat from lights or sweating. I didn’t have to touch up my shadow for about 5 hours and my look held up in the summer heat.

Easy to remove: Even though the makeup lasts, it’s not a chore to remove. For some of my other long-lasting shadows, I’ll have to really rub to clear the makeup, but BA-STAR’s diamond star dust shadow comes of quite effortlessly.

Easy to apply and work with: Honestly speaking, I’m not a makeup artist. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to create fun or glamorous looks once in a while. I like how this shadow let me try out different looks with minimal effort. It’s highly pigmented, goes on smooth, and works well with my other makeup products.


Packaging:  I don’t like the cap. It’s difficult to open at first, causing some of the shadow to fly around. It’s not a deal breaker since one simply has to be careful, but I’m clumsy and would have prefered an easier to open container.

Colors: I wish they offered more colors with their mineral shadow. I do like the soft shimmer they offer and would like to see it in a few more colors.

Glue Shadow Base


New staple: This product has quickly become a fave. I love it! It’s purpose is to ensure your shadow stays put and it does just that but the texture makes it ever more perfect for shadows with shimmer or glitter. My look didn’t smudge or budge for the 5 hours I had it on.

Not sticky: I was worried that this base would be a “glue” like consistency, but it’s not sticky. It’s a little tacky at first, but it goes on smooth, dries clear, and isn’t greasy or sticky.

Easy to use: The applicator makes this liquid base really simple to use. I applied it to my brow bone, upper lid and a little on my shoulders. Then I applied my shadow, or shimmer powder (for shoulders and arms), while it was still moist.

Cons: None

Overall: I liked both the products and would purchase them. I’d get a darker color for the mineral eye shadow, for myself but the diamond one was still manageable for my look.

Until September 30, BA-STAR is offering 50% off your order with the code BBDUST!

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