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Make Your Wardrobe more Vivid with Vividly

I recently learned about an interesting website,, that offers tops and accessories that make you feel like a walking frame. This isn’t just another t-shirt shop. In fact, it’s one of the coolest webshop ideas I’ve seen in a while. Vividly, incorporates the artwork of emerging artists or textile designers onto a top or accessory, such as a scarf.

I love the idea of wearing art! There’s been countless times when I’ve seen a painting, photo, or sketch and wished it was a shirt, so this site basically brings my wish to life. But more than the idea of wearing a unique, limited edition top or accessory, I love that the artist earns 10% of each item sold. This give emerging artists a chance to get their work out there in a very stylish way. (I love museums, but I’d like to see my streets covered in art…that is covering people.) There are pages upon pages of choices and I fell in love with over half of them.

The website explains how it all works, but basically once you preorder the item, you get 20% off. Not all the items will go into production, but preordering will not only guarantee a piece from the artist you love, but you’ll also save 20%. Want to save another 20%? Silly question, of course you do. Be sure to put in this discount code at checkout and you’ll save: BBREADER2901

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Cat Chu Wink Dupe Kawaii Lipstick

catlipstick1catlipstick2If you’re anything like me, you like your cute packaging when it comes to beauty products. It’s one of the reasons I fall for brands like Tony Moly. They came out with an adorable cat shaped liptint a while back, that I wished I could have. Sadly, Tony Moly is a Korean Brand and isn’t sold in my area, and it’s also a little pricey–especially if you’re taking a gamble online. Thus, I turned to aliexpress to help me find some kawaii cosmetics, and while browsing, I came across Manshili’s cat lipbalm which reminded me a lot of Tony Moly’s cat chu wink liptint and lipstick.

For just 2.66 I snatched it up! Below is a review of the product but I’ll just say now, I would buy this again. I love the packaging and the product itself is lovely.


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