Review: Paula’s Choice Clear Normalizing Cleaner


Paula’s Choice is known to carry good quality products, so when my sister included me in a haul I jumped at the opportunity to try one of her cleaners: the Clear Pore Normalizing Cleaner. There is a 6oz bottle and a trial size which is 1oz. I went with the trial size on account of never having actually tried her products before. Below is a review of my experience with the item. I used for 2 months.



Varying sizes. I like that Paula’s offers a less expensive smaller version to try. In fact, I wish more companies would do this. Even with the smaller size, I was still able to use it for quite some time. Not having to commit to a larger bottle also made me less wary of making the purchase.

Packaging. The bottle is easy to open, close, and control how much of the product you get.


Gave me breakouts: This product did far more harm than good for my skin. Before using it, I had a few spots. During use, my skin was a disaster! I got huge unsightly breakouts. This puzzled me because it did feel like it was cleaning my skin so I wasn’t sure why my skin looked and felt so horrible if it was clean. The breakouts would only get worse with each use and I can’t logically explain why I continued to use it.

Pricy: If this product had worked, maybe I wouldn’t have complained about the price. But my damaged skin deserved a cheaper product if it was going to look that ghastly. The 6oz is 11.00. This is expensive to me for a product that doesn’t work to “normalize” the skin.

I would never purchase the product again. I wouldn’t even use it if I got for free. It doesn’t even deserve one star in my books. I’m simply thankful that it was only the smaller bottle that money was thrown on.


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