OOTD: The Other Alice

Happy Halloween! For those wondering, this isn’t my halloween costume. I’d wear this on any old day. But it does look a bit costumey so I thought I’d post it as a Halloween post. A subscriber on my youtube channel asked me to do an outfit post featuring the petticoat skirt from American Apparel. It’s a reversible skirt and looks great on its own, or under a dress or another skirt to make it poofy. My tights, which I call my ragdoll tights, were found at a thrift store. They’re one of my favorite pairs of tights. I was so close to getting rid of the blouse but something told me not to. I’m glad I didn’t because I like the way it looks and feels. It was also found at a thrift store.
I’m not sure which style genre my look falls under. It’s not really lolita and it’s not quite goth, or even pastel goth. The look is actually inspired by two girl characters. One is my own. A girl named Alice May from a series of short stories that I write. The other is Tommy Heavenly6, who is a Japanese singer.
Tommy Heavenly6 dresses quite goth, though her look often has what people would classify as lolita goth elements. She’s my favorite Japanese singer who often has Halloween music on her albums. I may have to dedicate an entire post to her one of these days. For now, thanks for visiting and have a stylishly spooky day.

Picture of Tommy heavenly6

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