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Dueba Kira Kira Pink Lenses Review

On the same day that I got my EOS 3 tone gothic browns, I also decided to pick up Dueba’s DM-23 Kira Kira Pink Lens. This choice came after some encouragement from my sister, who said I should get something fun. But pink? I was very nervous about it. I spent half the afternoon trying to look for picks of people who had bought similar pink tone lenses to get and idea of what they look like on my eyes. I have to say, I am very pleased with this purchase. I love these lenses. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they make my eyes look cute without looking unnatural. The pink blends beautifully with my dark eyes and makes them look more brownish or violet in certain lightings. You see can them in the video above.

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EOS 3 Tone Gothic Browns Contact Circle Lens Review

Every since I got into kpop (several years ago) one thing I saw everywhere were ulzzangs with their pretty circle lenses. Now, I wasn’t interested in becoming an ulzzang but I thought it might be fun to find out what all the circle lens fuss was about. I didn’t want to venture too far out from my natural eye color considering this was my first time trying lenses and I feared looking “witchy.”

After some browsing on, I went with a pair from EOS–3 tone gothic browns. It is 3 shades of brown that fade into each other. It took some practice to get them in, but I finally managed and thought I’d do a review for you. It can be viewed in the video above.

For my first pair, I’m happy with them. They are perfect day wear lenses and are very comfortable.

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BA STAR Holiday Sale

 photo HolidaySale299.jpg

BA STAR is treating my blog readers to a huge sale! They are having a 48 hour pre-Thanksgiving blowout sale where you’ll be able to purchase their makeup, accessories, and bling for just $2.99! I’ve reviewed this company a couple times on here and I love their products. The sale starts Tuesday November 26th and ends 6:00am Thanksgiving morning so be sure to check it out.

Read my reviews for the products:

BA-STAR Diamond Kit Review

BA STAR Eye Shadow Review

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Adama Minerals ClayMask Purify Deep Pore Cleanser

A few months ago, I began searching desperately for some skin care products that could treat my clogged pores and help with my acne prone skin. I looked on and found Adama Minerals ClayMask Purify Deep Pore Cleanser with great review and decided to take a gamble on it. I’ve been using it for a few months. Usually when I do my review I list some pros and cons I found with the item; however, I actually have only one con with this product so I figured I’d get it out of the way now: it’s not available in my local drug store, health store, or beauty store. When I repurchase this, I’ll have to do so online. This can be a bit of a pain since that means dealing with shipping costs and wait time. But besides that…I love this claymask deep pore cleaner!

For starters, this deep pore cleanser, is 100% vegan, parben free, gluten-free, and contains no sulphates. I’m all for products that can be as harmless for my skin as possible and this contains a list of natural ingredients. There’s also no funny smell to deal with either. Does it work though?


Before I used it, my face was an absolute mess. Grotesque pimples and blemishes had taken over my skin. After the first time I used this deep pore cleaner, I noticed a slight difference in the size of my zits. After continuous use, I noticed I wasn’t getting the giant zits I was before and it’s a great spot treatment when I do get hormonal pimples. My skin is so much more improved—smooth, less blemishes, fewer breakouts, and it controlled my oily skin problem.

It’s very easy to use, and a little goes a long away. I’ve used a lot of clay masks, some more expensive than this but this one is my favorite. It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and does what it claims to do. My pores feel less clogged and I have noticed the minerals that are meant to firm the skin has also helped me look younger.

The price varies depending on where you purchase it, thought it usually runs between 12-16 dollars. To me, it’s worth it and cheaper than some of the other products out there that claim to do the same thing.

I use it about 2 or 3 times a week and I always notice an improvement after each use. All those months of hunting for a great mask was worth it. I give it a 4.5/5.

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Deals for the holidays


I noticed that I have great deal of stuff that I simply don’t use, such as products from LUSH cosmetics. Because I live closer to a post office than a thrift store to give away the items, and I know few people who would want the items, they can now be found on my freebie page. Most of the items are free; you simply have to pay for shipping. The items are either like new, or new and have never been used. It’s a great place to find some items for the holidays. I ship internationally within 48hr.


Don’t forget to follow this blog for updates on new freebies and deals.

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If you plan to make money as a fashion blogger you should consider this

Screenshot from 2013-11-08 10:08:19

When I first started blogging, it was for fun. I liked sharing my thoughts and featuring items. I still do, but not too many months into it, I noticed people were actually getting paid to do what I was doing for free. Now, it wasn’t as if I wanted to turn blogging into a career but I thought it might be nice to earn a little through my hobby. However, this is easier said than done and there was something holding me back…my free blogging platform.

I noticed that many of the bloggers who had turned their blogs into a business had their own domains with paid hosting. At first I shrugged it off not taking it too seriously, until something terrible happened. I came onto my wordpress blog and it was gone! WordPress had accidentally deleted it and all my hard work was just gone. I did some research and learned that free blogs were vulnerable to this. I also noticed that I couldn’t do much with my wordpress blog in terms of design nor could I host ads and affiliate links. This was too restricting, especially if I wanted to start making money from my blog.

I decided to contact my friend Ben of Negative0 hosting to help me out. He’s been working with technology and web servers for 10 years and his expertise shows. I haven’t met anyone who knows half as much about computers and servers as he does. He helped me set up two great looking sites within a day and offers the best customer service! I’m not tech savvy so I need the patience and laid back attitude of someone like Ben who can help me along with my sites. He’s also affordable. I had actually tried a different company before his and it was an expensive nightmare. There was no one to talk to and my site didn’t look half as nice as my new one does.

Ben set up two sites for me. The first site was built from scratch, while the other was transferred from another blog. It was important that Ben be able to do this for me, because I loved the theme and content of that site and I didn’t want to start over. This is important to a lot of bloggers who have built great looking sites and simply want to move it over to a self hosted site without hassle. It was a complete breeze with Ben and he even added some nice features for me.

I still use my free wordpress blog to post things I find on the web, but if you’re serious about being a professional blogger that gets the recognition, opportunities and income of the big names, you need a self hosted site. I’m not knocking free wordpress sites, but there are a lot of restrictions that can hold you back. Fashion bloggers are passionate and hard working; it’s only fair that you have a site that shows people that. If you’re considering turning your blogging hobby into a business, consider a self hosted site.

Ben is currently running a promotion for web hosting and I highly recommend checking it out. You can also visit his blog to learn more about him and his business.

You can also find Ben on these sites:

Twitter: @Negative0net


Google +

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Gipsy Dharma Boots Are Made For A Stylish Adventure!


If there’s one thing I love, it’s clothes and accessories that make me feel like I stepped into a different world, such as the boots and skirts found on Gipsy Dharma. There’s a fantasy about the items that makes me feel like a stylish warrior. It makes stepping out into the ordinary world extraordinary, and brings out a personality that makes me feel confident and adventurous! These aren’t just boots; they are a portal into a different fashion world. The natural earth toned boots make you feel one with nature while the boldly designed options are a fun and exotic way to dress up one’s outfit.

I also like how the collection is handmade. If you read this blog often, you’ll know that I love handmade items. Not only does it mean I won’t run into dozens of people with the same pair, but I like when shop owners have a personal connection with the items they sell. It often translates into better costumer service.

There is a recognizable passion within the designer that makes one share in it when wearing the items. If you love bohemian fashion or if you like stepping out in a unique and stylish way I reccomend visiting the site and checking out their current giveaway.

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Lush Budget Xmas Haul

Are we really in Novemeber already?! That not only means the snow mounds will be taking over lawn, making me grumpy as I shovel them, but Christmas is also on it’s way. Every year during the holiday season I get geared up for a lush shopping haul. I always anticipate their Christmas items, especially their gift sets. I thought it would fun, and economically sound, to do a budget haul in order to review a gift set for my lovely followers. I was really hoping for a big budget but alas fate said otherwise. Check out my video to see what my budget was and what I was able to get with it.

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