EOS 3 Tone Gothic Browns Contact Circle Lens Review

Every since I got into kpop (several years ago) one thing I saw everywhere were ulzzangs with their pretty circle lenses. Now, I wasn’t interested in becoming an ulzzang but I thought it might be fun to find out what all the circle lens fuss was about. I didn’t want to venture too far out from my natural eye color considering this was my first time trying lenses and I feared looking “witchy.”

After some browsing on lensvillage.com, I went with a pair from EOS–3 tone gothic browns. It is 3 shades of brown that fade into each other. It took some practice to get them in, but I finally managed and thought I’d do a review for you. It can be viewed in the video above.

For my first pair, I’m happy with them. They are perfect day wear lenses and are very comfortable.

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