John Charles London: A woman’s best kept secret.

John Charles London is a beautiful luxurious British fashion house where sophisticated women can fill their craving for perfectly designed women’s dresses and mother of the bride dresses. Some of the world’s most fashionable and influential  women opt for John Charles when they want to look instantaneously feminine. Yet, the brand is one of the best kept secrets among stylish women. I’ve always been able to a keep a good secret, but I just couldn’t keep quiet about John Charles London.

The three time winner of ‘Best occasion-wear’ collection has some of the most stunning  mother of the bride dresses I’ve seen lately. While I may not be a mother of the bride myself, the collection is far from matronly. Even a girl in her twenties can find an occasion for the pieces in the collection.

The dress featured above is timeless, youthful, and flexible. I could wear it to cocktail party, or a friend’s spring wedding! John Charles is the kind of brand I’ve been secretly wishing for as I to give my wardrobe a sens of maturity. The dresses are simple yet elegant and timeless but not boring. As the holiday parties are no in full swing, having one of these dresses would be perfect. In fact, even though they are classified as “mother of the bride” dresses, I think they’d make wonderful holiday and Christmas party wear.

I love John Charles London’s collection and if you like feminine elegant pieces then visit the site to see more of the collection.

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