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My Grungy Valentine

My grungy valentine

I think it’s only natural to envision a very girly girl, covered in lace and sparkles when one thinks of Valentine’s Day. The holiday is often overly sugar-coated-sweet, and somehow that is also incorporated into the fashion representation of the holiday. If it’s not the barbie pink girl, it’s often an image of a sexy woman in a more form revealing dress. But there are a lot of different types of fashionable girls out there and many ways to define the girly Valentine sweetheart.

As grunge is still a big trend, and a style fashion enthusiasts like myself identify with, I thought it would be fun to show a more grunge inspired outfit for the lovey dovey holiday. Not every girl wants to meet her other half in a pink frou frou dress, some would rather paint the town red in some creepers and a cute crop top.

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Kiss Me Valentine

Kiss me Valentine

It is that time of year again; time to pucker up and say I love you. Well, many do that anyway without a holiday but Valentine’s day is a good excuse to don on some rouge. Admittedly, shades of red don’t touch my lips too often, simply because I prefer pink lipsticks, but even I get a craving for bold red lips when February rolls around.
Above are some fantastic lipsticks and lipglosses to make you kiss worthy. I love the packaging of the Yves Saint Laurent shiny gloss and the e.l.f lipstick is so affordable! Whether you want to give your partner sweet kisses or maybe even the kiss off, lovely red lips are perfect for the occasion.
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January Hits and Miss

Where did the month go! January was supremely busy for moi. And some of that busyness was dedicated to shopping. As much as I try not to shop in January, I never seem to be able to full pull myself away from the seasonal sales. I will say however, that this year I tried carefully to use items I already have and make a serious decision as to whether I loved them or not. The video below shows some of the products I’ve been using throughout this month and whether or not. One of the items I wanted to include was the Palmer’s cocoa butter formula cream, but during editing it’s portion refused to cooperate. Thus, my mini review of it didn’t make it into the video. However, I have already reviewed this product in the past and it can be found here, if you are interested.

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Mall Haul and Confession

I have a confession: I don’t like malls. I have nothing against mall clothes but ever since I realized I could buy stuff and have it shipped to my door, the mall has had less appeal. But malls often have great sales, allow you to actually try the stuff on, and well, it’s nice to hang out with friends while looking at trendy clothes. Thus, for the first time in I don’t know how long I did some mall shopping! It was fun, though I don’t think I’d do it often. I still prefer online shopping or shopping at smaller boutiques. Below is a video of my mall haul.



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How to make your old desk stylish again


Do you have an old desk that look a little beat up or has a scratched surface? A few years ago I thought of an easy and fun way to turn my old desk into a work of art…without paint or stains. It all started when I had an old calendar that I loved too much to part with. I also loved my old desk too much to get rid off. Thus I decided to use my old calendar to decorate my old desk in the form of a collage.


This is a super easy way to not only protect your desk but make an old one look new again. The video below shows step by step how to do this desk art. I prefer using an old wall calender because the paper and size is easy to work with, but you could also do this with old cards or magazines. My favorite part about this home decor project is how the finished project can revamp my entire room. If you end up doing this, share it below. I’d love to see what other people restyle their desks.

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Find Vintage Inspired Style on Pin-up Darlings

Pin-Up Darling

What’s naughty, nice and having a huge sale? PIN UP DARLINGS! is an online shop that combines many of my favorite looks onto one site. On the site you can find some 40’s glam, 50’s sweetheart dresses, 60’s hippie chic and even modern urban trends. There is something for everyone. Though the site hosts a number of vintage inspired clothing such as the Buckle UP MJ Kicks, it also has pieces that put a modern a twist on a vintage look or are very trendy and fashionably “today.”

The site is a little like modcloth and TOPSHOP rolled into one. Pin-up darlings isn’t just for girls who love vintage inspired clothing, it’s also for the fashionista that likes to play with different trends. From the downtown rock girl who likes to hit the clubs every weekend, to the girl who prefers throwing chic cocktail parties, you can fill your closet with just about every trend and fashion style out there. And right now with their end of season sale, you can do it for less. I have my eye on several pieces from their sale and new arrival section. I can’t take my eye off the Bow-front pleather dress and I’m in love with the Angular fitted little black pleather jacket. I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last, but items seem to be going fast. You can visit and shop the site by clicking here.

pin-up darlings 2
Items featured in this post
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The Chic Side of Comfort


If there’s one thing I love, it’s comfortable lounge clothes. But here’s the thing, I don’t want to look like I’m wearing lounge around clothes. I still want to look put together and I like versatility in my clothing. meets all these requirements. I came across the site not too long ago but it’s already becoming a favorite. Among my adored pieces is Pygargue, which is a hooded goddess dress with kimono sleeves. It gives me this image of a goddess on her day off.

There are a number of things I like about the design. One is how versatile it is. You can wear it to the beach over your bathing suit. You can, as I would, wear around town with some cute leggings. You could also wear it during winter with a turtle neck underneath. It’s a piece that can be styled in a number of different ways for different purposes.

I also like that it is made of bamboo. Bamboo fabric is extremely comfortable. It’s breathable and wearable for long periods, which would make this dress perfect for travelling. Bamboo fabric also has a natural sheen and softness that looks and drapes like silk but is more durable. This fact added to the kimono sleeve design gives one the opportunity to wear this dress as more than just a lounge dress. You can wear it out to a night club.

The style makes this one sexy dress, but the fabric is so comfy that you won’t be able to resist just kicking back in it. The Pyagargue dress is one dress I’d live in. You can learn more about the design and brand by clicking here.

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Winter Must Have: Wool Camel Colored Coat

Camel Coats

If there’s one thing I am absolutely determined to have this year it’s a wool camel coat. My ultimate goal is to find one in a thrift store, but I’m looking in a number of online shops as well. To me, it’s a winter must have. Camel colored coats not only look chic during the fall-spring months but they are also a wardrobe stable. This is because they are easy to accessorize and work into both urban and dressy outfits. Featured are some coats I would love to style this season. The Carman coat with the check skirt bottom is so fashionable. I could see with black leather ankle boots and a bowl hat. I just love it. I also love the camel coat with a hood. I generally like my coats to have hoods though. Hood or not though, I’m making it my mission to find a chic wool camel coat before the winter season is through.

For some style inspiration, check out these people wearing wool camel coats.

People in Camel Coats
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Little Black Dress Challenge

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview some bloggers that were participating in the “Little Black Dress Challenge” to raise money for charity. The challenge entails wearing one little black dress and creating multiple looks with it. Bloggers have done the challenge for different time periods ranging from a week to a year.

It’s a style challenge that has always peaked my interest and so, for the month of January I thought I’d give it a try. My little black dress is from a thrift store and I love it for it’s versatility. It’s a little big but it makes it easy to wear tops and even knits underneath. It was only $4.00, which is definitely a steal. The challenge also requires that you use items already in your wardrobe. So other than maybe buying a little black dress, if you don’t already have one, you aren’t allowed to buy items for your LBD outfits during the duration of your participation in the challenge. This is fine with me, since it will be a good chance to see what items I have in my wardrobe that are truly wearable.

Below are my day one and day two outfits and videos. The only gripe I may have about doing this challenge is that we are neck deep in winter here and wearing a dress on cold days isn’t always suitable. This a challenge that would be a lot more convenient in summer. If you have ever participated in the challenge or are interested leave comments below.



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Mori Girl OOTD and Mini Haul


If there is one thing I love it’s socks and Japan street styles often incorperate cute and chic socks into their cordinates. One style that often makes the use of cute socks and tights is the mori girl style. I attempted my own version of this style in the video below. I also managed to buy some lovely socks last month that I can’t wait to wear. Check out the video and the links if your interested in some of the featured items.


Vh Apparel Socks

Yesstyle bow socks



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