Winter Must Have: Wool Camel Colored Coat

Camel Coats

If there’s one thing I am absolutely determined to have this year it’s a wool camel coat. My ultimate goal is to find one in a thrift store, but I’m looking in a number of online shops as well. To me, it’s a winter must have. Camel colored coats not only look chic during the fall-spring months but they are also a wardrobe stable. This is because they are easy to accessorize and work into both urban and dressy outfits. Featured are some coats I would love to style this season. The Carman coat with the check skirt bottom is so fashionable. I could see with black leather ankle boots and a bowl hat. I just love it. I also love the camel coat with a hood. I generally like my coats to have hoods though. Hood or not though, I’m making it my mission to find a chic wool camel coat before the winter season is through.

For some style inspiration, check out these people wearing wool camel coats.

People in Camel Coats
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One thought on “Winter Must Have: Wool Camel Colored Coat

  1. rubyangel711 says:

    Camel coats are the ultimate classic, winter-must-have, and luxe pieces, every woman should have in her fall/winter closet!

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