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Attitude Inc: Affordable Street Wear and Accessories


Mishka Keep Watch Safari Pom Knit Beanie Magenta

 ICECREAM-Logo-Mash-T-Shirt-Multi-1ICECREAM Logo Mash T Shirt Multi

Attitude Inc is a trendy urban streetwear site that I was introduced to recently. The site offers both men’s and women’s streetwear apparel, as well as unisex gadgets and accessories. If you live in or around the areas of Essex and Suffolk then you may have seen this independent retail shop. But for those of us on the otherside of the pond, we can rely on the wonders of online shopping to get our hands on the high quality and unique items found in the store.

Attitude Inc is on my list of places to shop because of it’s varity. For an independent shop, I am pleasantly surprised as to how much the site has to offer. The list of brands can be seemily overwelming, but the site is extremely easy to navigate and well organized. It didn’t take me long to start filling up my cart. From skater apparel to urban chic knits, Attitude Inc has a number of items that work into a guy’s or girl’s wardrobe.

Vans-Authentic-Womens-trainers-Black-Black-1Vans Authentic Womens Trainers Black Black

If you already opt for an urban look (or know someone that does) then I highly recommend visiting the site. But even if you’re someone like me who usually goes for a more vintage or classic look, there are a number of items in the home and gifts section that are simply awesome. The prices, to me, are affordable and you can find popular streetwear brands, such as Converse, Obey, and ICECREAM that are reasonably priced.

Another thing I really like about Attitude Inc is that carries more than just clothes. I mentioned above, they have houseware and gadgets, but you can also purchase skateboards and skate gear, snowboarding gear, and bike gear. This makes the shopping process a lot faster since I don’t have to visit other sites. I can buy my skate shoes and bearings all from the same site.Lomography-Diana-F-&-Flash-Camera-Metropolis_2Lomography Diana F + & Flash Camara Metropolis

If you’re looking for unique streetwear for an affordable price, checkout Attitude Inc.

Learn more about Attitude Inc at the following pages:





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Dueba Crystal.i Brown Review

Dueba Crystal.i Hazel

When Lens Village had their boxing day sale, I took the opportunity to get a couple lenses, one of them being the Dueba Crystal.i Browns. You can view what they look like in the video, but here a review of my experience with them.

Comfort: 4/5 When I first put these lenses in, they were painful. My eyes would not stop watering and they were really uncomfortable. After taking them out and inspecting them, I show they were a little bent. Once I straightened them out, they were very comfortable. I can wear them for over 4 hours without eye drops and I often forget I have anything on my eyes.

Color: 5/5 The color of these lenses are different from the picture. They are lighter in person. However, I like the color and they very beautiful on the eye. The color looks almost honey colored.

Design: 5/5 These lenses are beautiful on, and I get tons of compliments when I wear them. They make my eyes sparkle, because of their crystal effect. However, they look very natural so no one, even my close friends and family, know I’m wearing lenses. They are perfect for everyday, day wear lenses when you want you eyes to beautifully stand out but still look natural. They also look great with or without makeup.

Enlargement: 4/5 If you’re looking for eyes that will make your eyes look much bigger, these may not be it. For me, they give me just the right amount of enlargement so my eyes look more awake without looking too “dollish” or “anime”

Overall: I love the Dueba Crystal.i Browns! They are a lovely color and make my eyes sparkle.

Thanks for visiting


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Change the standards of beauty with The Fashion Hero


When I was in junior high, I won a modeling competition that greatly affected the way I see the industry. I was 5’5, 100 lbs at that time, and the scout told me to lose 10 more pounds. I looked at her and said no, and that was the end of that. While I did look at fashion magazines, it was more for the articles because I felt turned off every time I saw another overly skinny model gracing the glossy pages. Now, I have nothing against skinny; I myself am naturally skinny. I just don’t understand why every single model has to be skinny, tall, blond or brunette and Caucasian to become a serious model. I know beautiful girls and guys who just don’t fit the “model mould” but have the right personality and drive to work as a model. Society needs a change, which is why I’m glad to share with you a new TV show that could not only change the definition of a “model” it can help you fulfil your model dreams.

The Fashion Hero is unlike any modelling competition I’ve heard of, and it comes at a time where many of us are bored with the same old standards of the fashion industry. If you ever wanted to be a model but didn’t feel you had the look or weren’t well-connected, now is your chance to seize the opportunity. The Fashion Hero is a TV show that allows anyone 16-40 a chance to enter the competition. 80 countries are included, making this a global competition. Once you sign up and set up your profile, you can then encourage your friends and family to vote for you.

This is what makes the competition different. You don’t need an agent to get you an audition. The determination on whether you make it as a candidate is based on votes. According to the website, “in September 2014, based on the amount of votes obtained, a total of 3200 candidates will receive a professional photo-shoot and portfolio, and will move to the next selection round. These candidates represent the top 40 members with the most votes globally.”

100 finalists will then be chosen to appear on the The Fashion Hero show, which will be filmed in the Grand Sirenis Hotel and Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico; it will be broadcasted internationally, giving your family and friends a chance to see you on the TV show.

From February to June 2014 The Fashion Hero candidates with the most votes in a given month automatically become finalists and attend the TV show.

Just looking at some of the participants on the website, I can see they are from all different walks of life, shapes, sizes and ethnicities but they are all beautiful and are taking the chance to be someone’s “hero.”

I wish this existed back when I was young to let people know there isn’t one definition of beautiful.

If you have always wanted to model, and want to be part of the mission, I encourage you to check out the website and sign up.

Follow and learn more about The Fashion Hero at the following pages:

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Outfit Inspiration: Love is color blind

Love is colorblind

Black and white has a way of washing everything out, keeping it simple, while still making an outfit look boldly attractive. There’s a certain kind of drama that can be found in black and white that no other color combination can offer.

As I was putting this outfit together I looked for pieces that made a statement on their own but also worked and complimented other pieces. But I also wanted there to be a pull to the pieces for their shape and form alone, not because of texture, prints, or pattern. For we fall in love with color sometimes, and submit ourselves to certain rules of a fashionable rainbow, we don’t always look closely at the real design of the pieces and how they work with other shapes.

As we celebrate love this valentine’s day, we celebrate different identities that form a kind of whole. Perhaps that’s why Valentine’s days is no longer exclusive to just lovers. It’s for anyone who can appreciate the others in their lives that bring out their best and compliment their personalities. It’s seeing past the labels and color and simply loving. In a kind of black and white manner, no complications or rules of what should go with what, just love.
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Craving Chocolate Handbags For Valentine’s Day

Chocolate handbags

Many women like getting a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Me, I’ll pass. I’ve just never liked chocolate, unless we’re talking about rich dark chocolatey hues of bags and purses. Now that I’ll devour. There are a number of benefits to having a chocolate coloured bag over an actual box of chocolate. One, you won’t be ruining your figure or health by over feasting on some of the lovely handbags available by brands and designers.

Two, no fear of melting. I’d rather have my fingers grab the bags featured than to worrying about getting them sticky and messy with melting chocolate.

Three, you end up being the present. With a beautiful bag by your side pulling your look together you’ll end being the one that looks mouth watering.

I’m just as much of a chocoholic as the next girl, I simply prefer mine as a rich chocolate coloured textured bag that I can keep enjoying long after Valentine’s Day.

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Hair Accessories and Styles for Valentines Day

Hair accessories and styles for Valentine's day

The only thing that takes longer than picking out your perfect outfit for Valentine’s day, is deciding on the right hair style and hair accessory. The right hair accessory and style can really aid in pulling your final look together. In fact, there have many times when my outfit was just awful, but my hair do completely fooled everyone into thinking I looked decent.

Not everyone wants to spend hours on their hair though, and luckily a beautiful accessory like the Valentines Day Silver Hair Chain Jewellery Barrette can make even the most simplest of hair styles look date ready. I mean the girl literally just brushed her hair, stuck the barrette in and her hair makes her look like a goddess princess angel that deserves all the Valentines.
Whether you decide to go with a classy bun, lush curls, or a simple straightened do, the right hair accessory can make your Valentine’s Day outfit perfect.
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Dueba DM-23 Kira Kira Violet Lens Review

All the talk of purple from my purple Valentine post, made me think of my Kira Kira violet lenses. If you want to give your eyes a noticeable makeover for any occasion these are an excellent choice. I bought these violet beauties from They were 10 dollars, due their boxing day sale, however they did not arrive until late last month. It took over a month for them to come! Besides the lengthy arrival time, I do enjoy these lenses. Below is detailed review of the kira kira violets


Enlargement: These lenses are 14.5mm and give the eye a noticeable enlargement. My eyes look more awake and lively with these contacts in.

Color: I was nervous…very nervous…about purchasing purple lenses. But to my relief they look beautiful. On my very dark eyes, they appear to be a kind of greyish blue. But in some lights, you can tell that they are purple. Despite this though, they look very natural. In most lights, unless you are close, one cannot even tell I am wearing violet circle contact lenses. They are a fun change, but are natural enough to be my everyday contacts.

Comfort: These lenses were very comfortable the first time I put them in. I didn’t need eye drops for 6 hours. The second time I put them in however, they stung a bit and I needed eye drops after just 2 hours. Thankfully my eyes were just being fussy that day, because since then I’ve been able to wear them comfortably for over 4 hours without drops.

Price: On sale, these lenses are a steal! But even at full price between 16-19 (depending on where you buy them) they are still a good price. Circle lenses can be quite pricey so these ones are a bargain.


It took longer than expected for the lenses to arrive. I was expecting them to arrive around 2 weeks, not  over 4 weeks.

Those who want a vividly noticeable effect may be a bit disappointed as these lenses blend well with one’s natural eyes and the color cannot be seen from afar.

Overall: I love the DM-23 Kira Kira Violet Lens. They are bold pop of color for my very dark eyes but still appear natural.

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Purple for Valentine’s Day

Purple for Valentine's Day

Rose are red
Violets are blue
Red is lovey
But purple is too!

Red is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but this year I’ve been seeing more purple and lavender hues being invited into the color scheme. I personally love this, because purple is a very sweet color and looks great on most everyone. Purple for Valentine’s can be in done with pastel or perhaps you may prefer the deeper more rich tones as seen in the Alice + Oliva flowy dress. I don’t usually like body con dresses but the white and purple one is stealing my heart. I’ve also developed a bit of a crush on the F&F limited edition dress with the wonderful zigzag pattern. If you’re looking for something besides the typical reds and pinks this Valentine’s day why not try a bit purple.

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