Dueba DM-23 Kira Kira Violet Lens Review

All the talk of purple from my purple Valentine post, made me think of my Kira Kira violet lenses. If you want to give your eyes a noticeable makeover for any occasion these are an excellent choice. I bought these violet beauties from lensvillage.com. They were 10 dollars, due their boxing day sale, however they did not arrive until late last month. It took over a month for them to come! Besides the lengthy arrival time, I do enjoy these lenses. Below is detailed review of the kira kira violets


Enlargement: These lenses are 14.5mm and give the eye a noticeable enlargement. My eyes look more awake and lively with these contacts in.

Color: I was nervous…very nervous…about purchasing purple lenses. But to my relief they look beautiful. On my very dark eyes, they appear to be a kind of greyish blue. But in some lights, you can tell that they are purple. Despite this though, they look very natural. In most lights, unless you are close, one cannot even tell I am wearing violet circle contact lenses. They are a fun change, but are natural enough to be my everyday contacts.

Comfort: These lenses were very comfortable the first time I put them in. I didn’t need eye drops for 6 hours. The second time I put them in however, they stung a bit and I needed eye drops after just 2 hours. Thankfully my eyes were just being fussy that day, because since then I’ve been able to wear them comfortably for over 4 hours without drops.

Price: On sale, these lenses are a steal! But even at full price between 16-19 (depending on where you buy them) they are still a good price. Circle lenses can be quite pricey so these ones are a bargain.


It took longer than expected for the lenses to arrive. I was expecting them to arrive around 2 weeks, not  over 4 weeks.

Those who want a vividly noticeable effect may be a bit disappointed as these lenses blend well with one’s natural eyes and the color cannot be seen from afar.

Overall: I love the DM-23 Kira Kira Violet Lens. They are bold pop of color for my very dark eyes but still appear natural.

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