Dueba Crystal.i Brown Review

Dueba Crystal.i Hazel

When Lens Village had their boxing day sale, I took the opportunity to get a couple lenses, one of them being the Dueba Crystal.i Browns. You can view what they look like in the video, but here a review of my experience with them.

Comfort: 4/5 When I first put these lenses in, they were painful. My eyes would not stop watering and they were really uncomfortable. After taking them out and inspecting them, I show they were a little bent. Once I straightened them out, they were very comfortable. I can wear them for over 4 hours without eye drops and I often forget I have anything on my eyes.

Color: 5/5 The color of these lenses are different from the picture. They are lighter in person. However, I like the color and they very beautiful on the eye. The color looks almost honey colored.

Design: 5/5 These lenses are beautiful on, and I get tons of compliments when I wear them. They make my eyes sparkle, because of their crystal effect. However, they look very natural so no one, even my close friends and family, know I’m wearing lenses. They are perfect for everyday, day wear lenses when you want you eyes to beautifully stand out but still look natural. They also look great with or without makeup.

Enlargement: 4/5 If you’re looking for eyes that will make your eyes look much bigger, these may not be it. For me, they give me just the right amount of enlargement so my eyes look more awake without looking too “dollish” or “anime”

Overall: I love the Dueba Crystal.i Browns! They are a lovely color and make my eyes sparkle.

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