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Socks and Head Held High With Soxxy Air


Soxxy is a brand of stylish innovative socks that is launching a new line of socks. But there’s more to this line then simply cute socks. Soxxy Air (as the line is called) supports various charities. I have another post that explains just how amazing this company is. Their innovative socks that stay in place have been a favorite of mine since I discovered them. However, when I learned of their new compression socks, Soxxy Air, I was a little confused. Compression socks? I wear compression socks sometimes for health reasons and ladies, they’re not cute. They are about the last things I’d ever publicly strut around in, nor are they fashion friendly. As interesting as I thought it was for Soxxy to incorporate their patent technique into a line of compression socks, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually wear them…until I saw them.

If no one had told me, I would never have known that these were compression socks. The line is stylish and cute, composed of socks you can easily coordinate with your outfits to make them chic, trendy, or fun.

For those that do not know, compression socks are used for multiple reasons to help alleviate and prevent swelling, muscle soreness, and jet lag. They help to improve circulation and decrease your risk of of deep vein thrombosis, DBV. My mom and friends use them when they travel, others use them during and after their exercise, and people who have had surgery also find them beneficial. Thus, virtually any girl can make use of Soxxy Air.

It’s not the stylish exterior that makes me want to share this great brand with you, it’s the fact that Soxxy Air gives back. The company has teamed up with 5 different charities (listed below), who will receive $8 from the sale of each sox for their specific charity. Now you can walk with your socks and head high knowing you’re helping others.

To raise the funds to launch, Soxxy has created a campaign on indigogo. This is something that benefits you and others, so I hope you’ll visit them and show your support.

Soxxy Air socks are cute, great for your legs, and helps improve the lives of others. I can’t think of a reason to not own a pair. But here’s one more, just in case you’re still on the fence about it. You get 20% off with the code SoxxyAirs, once the line launches.

By visiting the links below you can learn more about the brand, the line, and the charities:

Soxxy Air Charities:

Michael Stabile Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jesse Lewis Choose Love sox

The Kristen Ann Carr Foundation

Bob Woodruff Foundation’s


Learn more and follow Soxxy at the pages below:


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Getting Style Inspiration and Savings from Hybrid Clothing

A fashion piece I always gravitate to are men’s tops. Even if I don’t wear them myself, I enjoy looking and seeing how guy’s work them in their outfits. When I came across I quickly began imagining the multiple ways the unique urban tops could be styled in not just a guy’s outfit, but my own. Men’s style and apparel inspires my own style a lot and I know a number of girls who love the comfort that is often found in men’s tops. The variety of Hybrid Clothing may not be on par with some shops, but this Winnipeg Canadian line has a number of great items for a guy’s wardrobe (or a girl that likes wearing guy’s tops). They offer t-shirts, jackets, tanks, vests, hoodies as well as accessories and button down shirts. I love the denim button down. This is a classic piece for any wardrobe and a must have for mine.


In addition to classic pieces such as the denim shirt, there are also unique items like the meow meow meow t-shirt, which would be a fun top to accessorize. It’s quite the conversation piece.

meow meow meow

Hybrid Clothing’s tops and accessories are really affordable. That was one of the first things that caught my attention. As a student, it’s important that webshops offer apparel that fits into my budget. I’m happy to say, I won’t be breaking the bank by shopping at

Another thing I really like is that it is Canadian. The Canadian fashion world is often dominated by women’s apparel, so it was nice to come across a line that focuses on one of a kind urban men’s wear. They do ship internationally though with a flat rate shipping, so anyone in the world can get their hands on the line.

Whether you’re a guy looking for affordable unique men’s wear or a girl that likes the comfort of men’s tops, I recommend visiting

You can also learn more about the line, and what they have planned in upcoming releases, at the following pages:



15% OFF TOTAL PURCHASE CODE = thestyletrenches

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February Hits and Misses Product Review


February made me sick…literally. I spent so many days in bed recovering I barely got to enjoy the month. However, all that ‘alone time’ gave me a chance to pay attention to products I was using and enjoying. The video above features products I was using in February and my impressions of them. I apologize for the cuts and jumps in the video. It wasn’t like that when I rendered it and played it back. When I loaded it on youtube, it became shaky and unsmooth. I couldn’t get it to sort itself out no matter what I tried. It doesn’t happen too often in the video though. Below you’ll find a product list along with links to available items. Thanks for visiting my humble little blog. If you have a monthly faves video or post, please share it with me  as I love reading and watching product reviews.

Vanilla Bliss Body Butter

Blum Naturals, Daily Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes, Pro Age, Grape Seed, 10 Towelettes

Kikkerland Skull Emery Boards Nail Files

Lypsyl Original Lip Balm

Alba Botanica, Natural Acne Dote, Deep Pore Wash, Oil-Free

Travelflex Booklight Blue

Hugo Naturals All Over Lotion


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My Perfect Winter Must Have for only $2

In my Winter Must Have post I talked about how much I wanted a wool camel colored coat. When I want a fashion item the first place I begin seriously shopping is the second hand store or as most people like to call them the thrift store. The weather has been bitterly cold here, so thrifting has not been much of an option. But last weekend, the sun came out and so did my wallet. And what was waiting for me at the first store I went to…a camel colored wool coat! It, along with other items that I picked up, is in the video above. I love when you’re out thrifting for something very specific and you find it, as if it was waiting for you.

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Darker Florals

gothy florals

I think when most people think of floras, they think of bright red roses or a sunny yellow wild flowers. But there’s a darker side to flowers, one that is just as beautiful. The black velvet kimono is a striking statement piece that would be perfect for a gothic wardrobe as well as being a unique way of incorporating florals into an outfit. We are often trained to associate certain colors with femininity (usually lighter, softer tones) but I can’t think of anything more feminine than the beautiful blue and black floral corset hugging your womanly curves.
Darker florals can often be more textured, artistic, and fashion forward. While springtime colors are beautiful for the season, there’s another kind of beauty in the darkness and mystery found in some of these pieces. Strength marries delicacy when we combine flowers with rich dark hues and the union is perfection. Just checkout some of these chic individuals in their florals.
gothy florals 2
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Blue Florals

blue florals

Blue flowers always remind me of something vintage. When I see a gathering of blue flowers on a garment I feel like I’m stepping back in time. The fabric and design can be as modern as ever, but I still an old feel for it. The floral jumpsuit for instance is very ‘today’ and yet I can picture it on girl in the 40’s as she dances with her friends on a summer evening. Maybe I should chop it down to blue florals being timeless and classic.
Blue is a reliable shade and that may have something to do with it being a classic and vintage inspiring color. Perhaps it’s reliability is also why so many people choose it as a favorite color. I love when I see it as the color choice for a floral print. I wish I had blue floral prints lining my closet to melt away my winter blues.
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Pink Florals

Pink Florals

Looking out the window, it’s hard to imagine that we’re supposed to be heading towards spring. It feels like we’ll be stuck in a perpetual winter, but the shops and designers keep urging me to think about warm weather. Perhaps it’s because I am deeply longing for spring, I’m being drawn to bold floral prints. I love colorful florals anytime of the year, but with such a harsh winter I thought it would be nice to focus a few posts on some lovely spring-inducing flowers. Pink florals are some of my favorites. They’re feminine, but set against black or another dark color  they can become fashionably edgy and wild; like untamed roses. The Madden Girl floral boots are both grungy and girly, and the crop top is a sexy way to wear florals.
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