Darker Florals

gothy florals

I think when most people think of floras, they think of bright red roses or a sunny yellow wild flowers. But there’s a darker side to flowers, one that is just as beautiful. The black velvet kimono is a striking statement piece that would be perfect for a gothic wardrobe as well as being a unique way of incorporating florals into an outfit. We are often trained to associate certain colors with femininity (usually lighter, softer tones) but I can’t think of anything more feminine than the beautiful blue and black floral corset hugging your womanly curves.
Darker florals can often be more textured, artistic, and fashion forward. While springtime colors are beautiful for the season, there’s another kind of beauty in the darkness and mystery found in some of these pieces. Strength marries delicacy when we combine flowers with rich dark hues and the union is perfection. Just checkout some of these chic individuals in their florals.
gothy florals 2
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