Socks and Head Held High With Soxxy Air


Soxxy is a brand of stylish innovative socks that is launching a new line of socks. But there’s more to this line then simply cute socks. Soxxy Air (as the line is called) supports various charities. I have another post that explains just how amazing this company is. Their innovative socks that stay in place have been a favorite of mine since I discovered them. However, when I learned of their new compression socks, Soxxy Air, I was a little confused. Compression socks? I wear compression socks sometimes for health reasons and ladies, they’re not cute. They are about the last things I’d ever publicly strut around in, nor are they fashion friendly. As interesting as I thought it was for Soxxy to incorporate their patent technique into a line of compression socks, I wasn’t sure if I’d actually wear them…until I saw them.

If no one had told me, I would never have known that these were compression socks. The line is stylish and cute, composed of socks you can easily coordinate with your outfits to make them chic, trendy, or fun.

For those that do not know, compression socks are used for multiple reasons to help alleviate and prevent swelling, muscle soreness, and jet lag. They help to improve circulation and decrease your risk of of deep vein thrombosis, DBV. My mom and friends use them when they travel, others use them during and after their exercise, and people who have had surgery also find them beneficial. Thus, virtually any girl can make use of Soxxy Air.

It’s not the stylish exterior that makes me want to share this great brand with you, it’s the fact that Soxxy Air gives back. The company has teamed up with 5 different charities (listed below), who will receive $8 from the sale of each sox for their specific charity. Now you can walk with your socks and head high knowing you’re helping others.

To raise the funds to launch, Soxxy has created a campaign on indigogo. This is something that benefits you and others, so I hope you’ll visit them and show your support.

Soxxy Air socks are cute, great for your legs, and helps improve the lives of others. I can’t think of a reason to not own a pair. But here’s one more, just in case you’re still on the fence about it. You get 20% off with the code SoxxyAirs, once the line launches.

By visiting the links below you can learn more about the brand, the line, and the charities:

Soxxy Air Charities:

Michael Stabile Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jesse Lewis Choose Love sox

The Kristen Ann Carr Foundation

Bob Woodruff Foundation’s


Learn more and follow Soxxy at the pages below:


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