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White Skinny Jeans

white jeans

Is it just me or are white skinny jeans a thing this season? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I want a pair. Yes, I definitely think I want a pair. Truth be told, white always made me nervous in my youth. I wouldn’t be caught dead in strictly white jeans because I’d be dead if I got them dirty. Thus, I always stuck to darker colors when it came to jeans. But I’ve gotten over my fear and embraced the color. Perhaps the thing I love about white skinny jeans is the variety that can be found this season. There is something for every kind of fashionista. Whether you want to rock the punk rock look, or are looking to be more clean cut and sophisticated, there’s a pair of white denim for the occasion.

As a lace lover, I can’t help but to have a bit of a crush on the lace detailed capri stretch denim. And the Dr Denim Plenty Jeans are the perfect classic white skinnies. This spring, I think I’ll live adventurously and get me a pair of white denim.

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Pining for Pink Lace

Pink Lace

Maybe it’s because I’m a partial girly girl, but I love the color pink. The ultra feminine color is perfect for springtime. The only thing that can make it even more girlish is to match it with lace, as seen in the clothes above. I love the marriage of the two. There is something so sweet and innocent looking about pink lace. Yet, it’s also very sexy.

The darker pink hue used in the dress is hot but it’s juxtaposed by sweet scallop edges that make the skirt practically scream “I’m a lady.”

I notice that in most of the garments above, flowers were chosen. This makes them seem ever more distinctly feminine.

When I look at each piece, I imagine myself taking a stroll in a park full of cherry blossoms and feeling unapologetically girly.

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Trend: Denim Vests

Denim Vests

Every once in a while, I’ll see a fashion item that makes me reconsider my general attitude towards it. I may start out indifferent or even disliking it but at some point that fashion piece will have me obsessing. This is what seems to be happening in regards to my new interest in denim vests.

I’ve never been big on vests; I like jean jackets in moderation, but I never thought I’d approve of the combo. They just seemed so 90’s. In fact, I think I had several jean vests as a kid, and I probably disliked them all back then. Now, I want them back because the denim vest is great summer piece.

It’s a versatile piece and that’s probably where my new found love for the denim vest is arising from. I tend to gravitate towards garments and accessories that can easily be worked, recycled and revamped into a plethora of outfits. The denim vest just happens to be one of those pieces.

You can wear it in any season, but for summer you can give it some style by wearing it over a summer dress, or with a cute skirt. I also like how it treads into various different subculture styles, boho girls and grunge girls can both make use of the same denim vest, though the final look will come out different. If I can wear the same item more than once in a week without anyone noticing I’m buying it!

While I have this labelled as a trend, I think that (similar to the denim jacket or shirt) it is a piece that will be worn over and over through out the years.

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Cool Asian Hairstyle for Girl f improf 500x751 25 Best Short Hairstyles for Asian Women 2014

By now, many of us are browsing shops  and blogs for the latest summer trends. However, don’t forget that a beautiful hair style can help to tie your style together. Website’s  like are dedicated to bringing their readers the hottest trends  when it comes hair fashion.

On Easy Hairstyle Ideas you will find a well organized site with different categories and feature articles. Looking for the 10 best summer hair styles this year? The website is the perfect place to find ideas for various occasions and hair types. For instance, if you were looking for suggestions on how to style your naturally sleek straight hair, you could turn to the site for help.

I like that the site doesn’t develop content for just one hair type or even one type of girl! Whether you have long locks or prefer punk-fun mohawks the site has hairstyle ideas for you. I’m interested in seeing how this site will continue to grow. So far,  Grace Anna has done a great job in combining her passion and knowledge as a hair dresser into a fun and helpful website. Drop by the site to find out how you can pull together your summer look with different hair styles

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