Trend: Denim Vests

Denim Vests

Every once in a while, I’ll see a fashion item that makes me reconsider my general attitude towards it. I may start out indifferent or even disliking it but at some point that fashion piece will have me obsessing. This is what seems to be happening in regards to my new interest in denim vests.

I’ve never been big on vests; I like jean jackets in moderation, but I never thought I’d approve of the combo. They just seemed so 90’s. In fact, I think I had several jean vests as a kid, and I probably disliked them all back then. Now, I want them back because the denim vest is great summer piece.

It’s a versatile piece and that’s probably where my new found love for the denim vest is arising from. I tend to gravitate towards garments and accessories that can easily be worked, recycled and revamped into a plethora of outfits. The denim vest just happens to be one of those pieces.

You can wear it in any season, but for summer you can give it some style by wearing it over a summer dress, or with a cute skirt. I also like how it treads into various different subculture styles, boho girls and grunge girls can both make use of the same denim vest, though the final look will come out different. If I can wear the same item more than once in a week without anyone noticing I’m buying it!

While I have this labelled as a trend, I think that (similar to the denim jacket or shirt) it is a piece that will be worn over and over through out the years.

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