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The Oz Jar: The hottest selling vitamin c serum

Fine lines, creases, dry, rough, and blemished are not words you want to use to describe your face. Inevitably, as we get older our skin begins to show signs of age and those words are exactly how we appear to others. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. offers an amazing vitamin C serum with a revolutionary new ingredient called, MATRIXYL synthe’6.

To briefly explain, matrixyl is an active anti-wrinkle ingredient for cosmetics that contains a specific matrikine which is a cosmetic nomenclature denomination for palmitoyl pentapeptide-4. The name and development are the trademark of Serdema. Serderma are known for specializing in the research and development of biotechnology, vegetal extraction and molecular synthesis all of which are used in natural wrinkle cream. They are masters in the industry. Their new product, Matrixyl synth ‘6 is a powerful serum that deeply penetrates the skin stimulating the synthesis of collagen deep within the skin pas well a 5 other major areas within the skin.

This serum is loaded with skin improving ingredients.

Just check out the list of ingredients:

Micro-encapsulated Vitamin C 20%
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Polysilicone 15
C24-28 Alkyl Dimethicone
Salicylic Acid
Glycolic Acid
Natural essential oils
Dehydroacetic Acid

These ingredients combined with the matrixyl synth ‘6 make it far more superior to your average vitamin C serum. No wonder it is one of the best selling anti ageing products on the market.

The benefits of using this oz jar include: stimulating blood circulation and cell regeneration, activating dermal enzymes, protecting skin cells from radiation and free radical formation associated with the ageing of the cell, as well as stimulating fibroblasts and keratinocytes to produce collagen and promoting faster healing due to quicker absorption and prolonged duration.

When people look at your skin, you want them to associate it with positive words like healthy, glowing, smooth, and radiant. If you’re searching for a product tat will give your skin the appearance you’re wishing for I recommend visiting to learn more about their serum and trying out the product.




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Wishlist: Summer Bustier


Blame Kelly Taylor for this new fashion must have obsession of mine. Kelly Taylor was a character on the original series of Beverly Hills 90210. She’s portrayed as a stuck up spoiled brat with a lot of money to spend. Now, for the most part I never really found myself drawn to Kelly’s outfit choices. I preferred Donna Martin’s (the one with the hat). But in one episode, Kelly sports a white crop bustier top that I simply adored. I love bustiers in general and on my summer wishlist are lace and denim bustiers. Not only are bustiers or bra tops very popular this season but a lace bustier is a staple for a lady’s wardrobe. The outfit possibilities are endless. According to her friend Brenda (plaid shirt), Kelly had spent a fortune on her bustier and it seems times haven’t changed. Finding an affordable stylish bustier has been next to impossible. The offline shops in my area either don’t have them or they don’t even know what I’m talking to about; the online stores rarely have my size.

At first, I was only looking for a lace bustier. I wasn’t so keen on the floral or spadex ones they have donned on the mannequins this season. But I was lucky enough to find a beautiful lace skirt that would look perfect with a denim bustier and suddenly the hunt for a denim one was on. Then I found myself watching 90210 on a sick day and I couldn’t get Kelly’s top out of my head. “I Need One!” I said to myself, and before long I was madly hunting for something that would make me look like Kelly’s new bff.


The white lace one featured is exactly what I’m looking for…$100 less. I was lucky enough to find a denim Kelly Taylor like bustier on Aliexpress, which I plan to feature once it arrives. Have you ever watched a show and dreamed about owning the outfits?





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Where to get Phytoceramides in Canada

phytoceramidesA male model wisely advised me to take care of my skin in my twenties because it will be be my skin in my forties. I think there’s a misconception among young people that they don’t need to worry about their skin or concern themselves with things like anti-ageing or keeping their skin looking young. But the fact is, nobody’s skin stays “young” forever. When you’re twenty you may not consider what products you can invest in to help you maintain your youth or slow down your skin’s ageing process but nearly every woman I’ve met over 35 begins to look for ways to get back their skin’s youth and these days men are also joining in as they try to avoid the appearance of growing older. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with ageing and no your skin does not have to look “forever 21” but healthy looking skin boosts your confidence. Also, taking care of your skin is a healthy habit to get into.

There are a lot of products on the market, but one of the most talked about and effective is phytoceramide. What is phytoceramide? Ceramides are things we naturally have in our skin, but lose as we age. The loss of ceramides causes you to lose that plumpness and youthfulness that you have in your skin when you’re younger. The idea of ceramide supplements is not new. They have been in topical solutions and have been used in parts of Asia for years. Now however, the FDA has approved phytoceramides in Canada. Phyto means it’s a plant derivitive. It’s made into a supplement that puts it back into your skin and helps to hydrate the skin from the inside out. Many Doctors, even Doctor Oz, highly recommend taking phytocermaides for your skin’s health.

You may be thinking, great where can I get?! Because those were my thoughts when I learned about the benefits of this little supplement. not only carries the supplement they have created a better formula that helps your skin from both the inside and outside. They offer a Revitol Phytoceramides that is now toted as the best anti-aging cream. Revitol contains key ingredients that include Matrixyl and Hyaluronic acid, together they work at penetrating deep into the skin to make it firm it and give it a youthful glow. The phytoceramides and revitol duo that can be found at give you a facelift without the pain or cost of seeing a plastic surgeon. The website offers a 90 day money back guarantee and the product has rave review from customers.

The product offers dramatic results on deep wrinkles, so if you have been battling with wrinkle creams, or know someone that has this will finally resolve the problem. You can visit the website today to get more information and ask for a trial.


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