Wishlist: Summer Bustier


Blame Kelly Taylor for this new fashion must have obsession of mine. Kelly Taylor was a character on the original series of Beverly Hills 90210. She’s portrayed as a stuck up spoiled brat with a lot of money to spend. Now, for the most part I never really found myself drawn to Kelly’s outfit choices. I preferred Donna Martin’s (the one with the hat). But in one episode, Kelly sports a white crop bustier top that I simply adored. I love bustiers in general and on my summer wishlist are lace and denim bustiers. Not only are bustiers or bra tops very popular this season but a lace bustier is a staple for a lady’s wardrobe. The outfit possibilities are endless. According to her friend Brenda (plaid shirt), Kelly had spent a fortune on her bustier and it seems times haven’t changed. Finding an affordable stylish bustier has been next to impossible. The offline shops in my area either don’t have them or they don’t even know what I’m talking to about; the online stores rarely have my size.

At first, I was only looking for a lace bustier. I wasn’t so keen on the floral or spadex ones they have donned on the mannequins this season. But I was lucky enough to find a beautiful lace skirt that would look perfect with a denim bustier and suddenly the hunt for a denim one was on. Then I found myself watching 90210 on a sick day and I couldn’t get Kelly’s top out of my head. “I Need One!” I said to myself, and before long I was madly hunting for something that would make me look like Kelly’s new bff.


The white lace one featured is exactly what I’m looking for…$100 less. I was lucky enough to find a denim Kelly Taylor like bustier on Aliexpress, which I plan to feature once it arrives. Have you ever watched a show and dreamed about owning the outfits?





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