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Style Must Have: skinny black trousers

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What does one wear in the South of France? That’s the challenging question I had to answer for myself while there. Before leaving on the trip I had decided myself on buying a pair of black pants. You must be thinking, “can’t you buy black pants in Canada?” Well, no. Not the one’s I was looking for. I call them “Paris pants,” as I had seen them on virtually every girl during Paris Fashion week a few years back, and convinced myself that they were still in fashion. Turns out my fashion radar was bang on because while in Nice, Monaco, and Lyon I saw them on plenty of stylish girls. I must have spent half my time in Monaco looking for a pair of these glorious must have trousers, but it was worth it when I finally found them in United ColorsĀ  of Benetton.

So what makes these pants a style necessity? They are classic. They can be seen on women as early as the 1950s and have stayed pretty close to the original style since then, making them a timeless garment, much like the pencil skirt. They look good on everyone. Not one girl looked bad in the classic black trouser. It may be why they were seen all over fashion week; girls with various body shapes, height and ages could confidently wear them knowing they looked chic. They can easily be dressed up or down. There is nothing better than a versatile garment. If you need to slip on something quick to run an errand these pants work, but they’re also perfect for days when you want to look super put together. Finally, it’s ok if these pants look a little short or cropped on; they’re not supposed to be long. This is perfect for those like myself who have long legs and sometimes have pants looking awkwardly short on us.

The french have it right when it comes to building a wardrobe with staple pieces. United Colors of Benetton had a good selection of “Paris Trousers” (not the real name, it’s what I call them. Don’t go in a store asking for them; no one will know what you mean :P). But you can probably find them else where as well.


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