Find Lovely Jewelry Pieces at Love and Pieces


If you’re like me, you love to accessorize. Bold, elegant, classic or trendy pieces like the ones found at Love& are a must have for the accessory loving fashionista.

What is Love&Pieces?

It’s an online jewelry boutique with some of the most lovely curated items I’ve seen in a long while. On the site, you’ll find jewelry pieces that fit virtually every style. Whether you are bohemian, urban, or classic chic you’ll be able to find the right piece for your outfits.

The site hosts a number of different designers and I love this for two reasons:

1. It means more variety. Being able to browse through different collections and designers means I’m more likely to find that perfect accessory that suits my taste.

2. There is something for everyone’s budget. Love&Pieces has something for the person that wants to splurge and the girl that wants to add some affordable pieces to her collection.

Another thing I love about the site is the world wide free shipping!

The only thing I don’t like is that things sell out so fast! But I’m not surprised; the items are so lovely it’s expected that people don’t hesitate to buy. For that reason though, I recommend purchasing the items as soon as you can because the moment you turn your back, it’s sold out.

If you’re looking for a great gift this holiday season, or any time of the year, visit Love& and don’t forget to follow them on instagram @loveandpiecesig for more info.

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2 thoughts on “Find Lovely Jewelry Pieces at Love and Pieces

  1. Love the write up. Thanks so much. #lovesparkleshine

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