solves a common fashion problem


Did you ever wish there was a way to see how an outfit would look without trying on every dress in your closet, or maybe you’ve seen a cute pair of shoes online but you’re not sure if it will go with items you already own. is a website that solves these problems.

I’m sure most of us have had to deal with this scenario where you’re pulling out every item in closet just to see what looks good for that big event; by the time you’ve got your outfit together you’re exhausted from trying on everything you own and you’re room is probably a mess with clothes and shoes here and there. Save yourself the hassle and sign up for an account at closet on the go. It is possibly the most practical and fun fashion related app I’ve ever seen.

How it works:

Once you join the site, you can begin taking and uploading photos of items from your own closet to the site to put in your virtual closet. You then select items from “My Closet” and put together looks and styles, like I did in the photo above. It’s so easy and addicting!

More reasons to love this unique fashion site:

1. Keeps you organized. If you’re constantly buying the latest trends, you can easily forget what you already have. This app brings items that may be stuck way in the back of your real closet to the forefront. You can then decide if you may need to part with the item or show it off more often. It’s a great way to de-clutter and keep you organized.

2. Easier to find matching items. Maybe you have a great skirt, but nothing in your closet to pair with it. With, you can pair their eshop items with items you already own right in your virtual closet. This helps you find more great pieces to add to your wardrobe or outfit.

3. Take it anywhere. No more wondering if you should buy that bag while on vacation, because you’re afraid you have something similar waiting for you at home. Closet on the go literally goes where you go. Simply log on and see if you already have similar items or what you’re closet may be missing.

Manos Gerakinis, the founder, is a genius for creating the site and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves fashion and style.

You can join the site and start putting together your own looks by visiting

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