One Tribe Apparel is where style meets culture

One_Tribe_HammockIt’s not everyday you find clothes for everyday wear that are rooted with so much culture. However, the harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are so connected with the lifestyle of the Thai village that wearing them is like taking a trip to an island paradise.

The harem pants connects people from all walks of life. They are worn by dancers and yogis, fishermen, muay thai fighters, hikers, backpackers, the boho chic, those who embrace the alternative lifestyle, and everyone in between including girls like me who want something comfortable to wear on the weekend.

The styles as well as the beautiful colors and patterns fit the bohemian Thai culture well. But you don’t have to be lying on a hammock with island beats playing in the background, to enjoy these beautiful handmade pants. Even if you’re miles away, there are several reasons to grab yourself a pair of One Tribe Apparel harem pants.

1. Stylish: Just because your clothes feel comfortable doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish. The harem pants from One Tribe Apparel are beautiful. The rich colors, eye catching patterns, and versatile styles make these pants very fashion friendly.

2. Infused with culture: One of my favorite things about these pants is how they are so closely tied to the Thai culture. With more clothes being so far removed from culture and history, One Tribe Apparel has managed to infuse so many aspects of Thai culture in this fashion item. For one, they are hand stitched with local fabrics using the village technique. Secondly, they are sourced from the villages surrounding Chiang Mai, where they are made with love and care in the village home. It’s also nice to know that the creators and artists behind these boho pants are paid fairly.

The knowledge that these pants are both sustainable and connect people of a certain culture and lifestyle makes a unique brand that I recommend checking out.

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