The Best Way To Get A Perfect Tan


If you are someone that seeks the look of a perfect golden tan all year round then you’ll love Tan On The Run.

What is it?

Tan on the run is a mobile spray tanning service that provides top of the line tanning services in the convenience of your own home, office, studio or any other location of choice. It is the only one of its kind in the GTA, meaning those in North America have access to this great service.

Now whether you’re tan fanatic or just enjoy getting that sunkissed glow for your vacations or special events, Tan on the run is definitely something you should check out.

Here’s why:

1. The tanning products and service are unrivalled. The tanning spray is 100% safe. There are no parbens to be found in the product. It is organic, hypo-allergenic, and vegan. Conscience product users can feel confident using this service to achieve their desired brown skin. The technicians are highly trained and skilled to provide unmatched service.

2. Celebrity approved. Tan on the run is used by all types of people, including celebrities like Lady Gaga, Fergie, and even naturally brown skinned women like Leona Lewis are evening out their skin tones with Tan on the run.  Male celebrities like Nuno, who is the lead guitarist for Rhianna, have also used Tan on the run. These are people who are constantly under scrutiny for their looks and seek out the best services to help them achieve the beauty standards of their industry. Luckily, this great service is not exclusive to celebrities. Tan on the run is for everyone. From brides to sports competitors, anyone can access Tan on the run.

3. Safer alternative to traditional tanning. Studies have shown the health consequences to sun bathing and tanning beds. Still, tan enthusiasts continue to risk their health, and the long term damage it has on their skin, for the sake of a beautiful glow. Tan on the run is a safer, faster, longer lasting, and a more convenient method. You won’t risk premature ageing. In fact you’re helping your skin by using their products, because it has vitamin E and Aloe which nourishes the skin. You won’t be putting yourself in the harmful UVA rays that can result in skin cancer. Or suffer with the burns and blisters that often accompanies suntanning.

You can lean more about this highly recommended service or book your appointment by visiting the website


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