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This will help you be the fairest one of all


If you are a make up and fashion enthusiast, you probably like to be in the know of the all the latest tools and accessories to help you create the right look. You want the best brushes and applicators to put on your makeup. You’re willing to splurge on high quality styling tools but most people forget two very important tools: The mirror and the lighting.

Your mirror plays a huge role in your final look because a bad mirror can lead to putting on too much makeup, using unflattering colors or missing small details that can effect the overall outcome of your look. knows how instrumental good lighting and a good mirror is to achieve your desired style and thus creates custom order handmade vanities that help you create a flawless look.

There’s a reason why I’m so excited to share this online store with you. I have always envied models and actresses with “Hollywood vanities” because something as simple as a mirror makes such a huge difference in how you appear. In my place, I have horrible lighting. Everything looks dim or bright yellow. And I’m not the only one that has this issue. Many people have poorly lit bathrooms or bedrooms. This can lead to over compensating by wearing too much or too little makeup. The custom vanities that you can find at are just like the Hollywood vanities that you find in dressing rooms and at fashion shows. These are the types that are used by elite makeup artists and celebrities. These are the kinds of mirrors that will make you “the fairest of them all.”

How does work?

The website has several options to choose from and you can even request a custom size. Once you choose your mirror it takes 2 weeks for it be delivered because it has to handmade. If you are in the states you get free shipping. Now keep in mind that this is just a mirror and is not attached to a tabletop. I personally prefer this because it means I can place the mirror anywhere. You can mount it on a wall or on your own dresser. You can even simply lean in against the wall. The mirrors are made with a wooden frame and high definition glass. I also love that it comes with dual electrical outlets so you can plug in your hair curler or any other device into your mirror.

The type of mirror you use does play a big roll in your look which is why I recommend checking out if you are looking for a mirror that will help you create flawless beauty looks.

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Kate Dioneda Brings You The Feminine Edge

Bold statement prints and embellishments, beautiful feminine cuts, trendy textures, classic and timeless designs–all this describes my new favorite collection by Kate Dioneda. If all my style personas went shopping together, they could all easily find the right piece to create the perfect look thanks to this web boutique. Kate Dioneda is a newly launched online store that ships anywhere. But it’s more than just another webshop stocked with clothes; it’s a concept that is created by a designer who understands that women have multiple sides and enjoy portraying them through their clothing.

The site reads, “It is fashion and you… and your ‘other’ you,” and in many ways I agree with this. While no woman is solely her sense of style, we do use fashion as means of expressing and communicating how we want to feel and the “type” of woman we want to be perceived as. Personally, I love looks that merge the essence of femininity with the strength of a woman. Thus, it was no surprise to me that I connected with the designer’s mindset and fell in love with the clothing. The clothes allow you to live simultaneously within the stylistic realm of total feminine and boldly edgy–thus creating the feminine edge. As someone who often can’t decide what kind of woman I want to be on any day, I often opt for styles that let me exhibit both my “sides.” I believe a lot of women can relate, as many seek out clothes that make a statement without compromising their feminine charm.

There is a flow and unity to the collection that makes it easy to envision oneself in them. They seem to tell a story. It’s a story about a multifaceted woman who doesn’t let any part of her dominate. Each piece adds to the story, while telling its own personal tale in the process. I’ve yet to see a collection that looked so unified but catered to so many different types of styles. Rock, punk, retro, glam, classic, modern, whatever your style preference, Kate Dioneda has managed to create pieces that can be distinctly worked into various wardrobes.

What’s more, this online boutique is made-to-order. In an age of mass production and low quality fashion, it’s lovely to find a designer that still believes in the personal touch and bringing customers the highest quality.

I want to own this entire collection. It speaks to me as woman–a fashionably diverse woman.


■ Composition No. 1

shirt Half Sleeves White Crop Top

Half sleeves and a feminine jewel neckline adds an unexpected modern edge and a sultry dimension to this fitting, cotton-stretch white crop top for that all season pairing piece.

skirt Center Zip Faux Leather Black Mini Skirt

Walk with attitude in this edgy, thigh-skimming black faux leather mini skirt styled with slant front pockets, exposed front center zip, and a straight hem with exposed zippers at the leg lines.


■ Composition No. 4

outer Black Sequin Power Shoulder Blazer

Make the ultimate fashion statement with this stunning, head-turning piece that also reveals one’s sublime femininity. Unrestrained embellishment of iridescent sequins was used to make this tailor-cut power-shoulder jacket with long sleeves, slim lapels and hip falling hem. This evening-ready blazer is perfect to finish off any party outfit.

top Sleeveless Chiffon Wrap Blouse

A delicate, lightweight, sheer chiffon sleeveless wrap blouse, designed with a dramatic plunging neckline detail for that glam, party vibe, pure elegance, or that uber-feminine look.

bottom Black Sequin Mini Shorts

Nothing speaks show-stopper than this sparkling black, paillette-covered mini shorts for that amazing party-season looks.


■ Composition No. 5

top Lattice Lace Crop Top

Radiate chic in this crop top featuring a beautifully woven black lattice and floral overlay detailing, on a cream-color underlayer that is styled with half sleeves, boat neckline and powernet lining.

skirt Lattice Long Lace Skirt

A chic, floor-length hem lace skirt with black lattice and floral overlay details on a cream underlayer styled with a powernet full lining.

The online shop has a number of other looks that I adore as well as beautiful pieces, so I highly recommend giving it a visit. You can also learn more about the collection and designer via the links below.




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My Perfect Winter Must Have for only $2

In my Winter Must Have post I talked about how much I wanted a wool camel colored coat. When I want a fashion item the first place I begin seriously shopping is the second hand store or as most people like to call them the thrift store. The weather has been bitterly cold here, so thrifting has not been much of an option. But last weekend, the sun came out and so did my wallet. And what was waiting for me at the first store I went to…a camel colored wool coat! It, along with other items that I picked up, is in the video above. I love when you’re out thrifting for something very specific and you find it, as if it was waiting for you.

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Deal of the month


This month’s deal is a pack of different items. Nothing has been used. Price: $5 Shipping: $3

Items include:

1 sample of berts bees milk and honey body lotion

2. Nu.Me feather hair extention in blue color Full Size

3. sample of Lush Cosmetics gingerbread house bubble bar

4. sample of Lush Cosmetics candy fluff bubble bar

5. Nano Sephora eye pencil color is silver green

Pouch is included


You must be a subscriber to be eligible for this deal

First comment below gets the item

Please comment with contact info

I accept payment through PayPal only

An invoice will be sent to your  email with billing information.

You have 48 hours to pay for the item otherwise the item will go to the next commenter

I ship internationally

I ship within 3 days

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Save Blogging Time With StyleSays

For those that don’t know, is a community of stylists and bloggers that create outfits and looks which are purchaseable. The site has great tools that make getting items and creating looks easy as well as fun. Now stylesays brings users another tool let allows them to save hours of blogging time!

Style blogging can be very time comsuming. It can take hours just to create a great post. Couple with this the equaling time consuming task of distributing the work so it reaches your audience, and blogging can become a full time job.  After all, if you’re going to spend all those countless hours creating great looks, you want people to see it.  Stylesays has built a universal publishing tool that now saves bloggers time when it comes to distribution and publishing. With this tool, you can write posts, publish to your blog, and distribute the content to several social media sites. A blogger can save 137 hours with the use of this tool! That translates to less time blogging and more time getting inspired and of course shopping.

As a style blogger, the one thing I don’t want to worry about is whether or not my content is getting out to the public. I’d rather focus on what I love: THE STYLE AND FASHION. That’s why I’m so excited to share this with you, because anything to makes blogging a little easier and faster is worth checking out.

If you aren’t already a member be sure to sign up today and check out their new tool.

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Get Your Game On – Trade Talk

Just when retailers thought they had their hands full with the abundance of social media tools already on the market, along comes gamification.

No longer just the realm of 20-something males, gaming has increased in both retail and female audiences. According to a recent Mashable article, “66% of tablet owners play social games daily, and 46% of tablet gamers are women,” and “the largest group of social gamers is women between the ages of 35 and 44.”

While traditional business logic suggests focusing on obtaining direct revenue, rewarding a consumer with points or rewards is a way of establishing an emotional connection with the consumer, as well as increasing loyalty and brand advocacy, which can result in increased profits.

“What’s more valuable?  Someone who buys a lot, or someone who buys less but recommends the brand to all of their friends?,” asked Matthew Brand, senior sales executive for Badgeville.

By engaging with consumers through contests, games and rewards, the consumer is gaining status within that online community and thereby incentivized to participate more, he explained.

Traditional loyalty rewards buying a product, but Badgeville rewards engagement, such as reviewing a product on a brand’s website, posting or answering a question, or liking the product on the brand’s Facebook page.

A customer can receive 500 points to register a product, 300 points to answer a question in a Q&A and 200 points to like an item through Facebook. With enough points, they could become the leading fashionista of a particular site, Brand explained.

“People are motivated by status and reputation,” he said. “It’s like a certificate saying you’re employee of the month.”

Some of Badgeville’s customers include and Foot Locker.

From a retailer’s standpoint, having a consumer advocate for a brand on its own site is more valuable than the customer advocating for it on their personal Facebook page or through their own social media, Brand explained.

“People’s affinity will only resonate with a small group of people on Facebook – but if you share within that [brand’s] community there’s more success because it will resonate with that community.”

Get Your Game On – Trade Talk.

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What you can get from Jacob Clothing for under $100

Jacob is a clothing retailer that has always given me the impression of being for working girls. Needless to say, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But when I got a gift card from the retailer it forced me to take a look at the line and change my mind. This is not some work-wear warehouse. The clothes that Jacob sells are both trendy and classic. It’s a great place to purchase basics like the black pencil skirt or white button up shirt. But it is also a good option for trendy cocktail dresses and bold accessories. I did a big haul from Jacob and made sure that everything I purchased was under $100. By this I mean, each single item was priced under $100. The girls that work at the location I was shopping were very helpful and sweet. It’s safe to say, Jacob has made a customer out of me.

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