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Trend: Wearing the Woods

I don’t know what it is about spring time, but it always makes me seek out woodland themed garments. Maybe it’s the birth of baby fawns and little foxes around the forest that just make me want to dress up in forest themed clothes and head out with my camera to catch a glimpse of all the flowers and furry creatures. Here are some wood land pieces that have caught my eye. foxscarf

This pretty fox scarf is from Besides the fact that is it woodland, there are two things I really like about this scarf. It is really affordable. It’s only $10. The second thing that made me want to feature it is that it is book merch. The scarf is a limited quantity and was created for a novel written by December. The story is ongoing at the moment, and it’s about a girl that has a magical scarf with the ability to turn its wearer invisible. This scarf doesn’t have that power, because everytime I wear it I get noticed and everyone compliments me.


Woodland Muse Long sleeve Playsuit-BROWN-S

I adore jumpers and playsuits  so I couldn’t resist this woodland muse one that I found on This is definitely a playsuit to visit baby fawn in.
Woodland Creature Long Full Light and Aviary Skirt

Modcloth is a great place to find lovely woodland themed garments and this pleated skirt is no exception. The owl and floral print puts me in the mood for picnics in the meadow during dusk.
Max Mara Woodland print dress

This is the most expensive item in the list, but it is just beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel one with nature. I think one could easily feel transported to a magical forest with water falls and lush trees with this dress on, even if they were stuck in a busy office with mounds of paper work.
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Alloy Micha Boot Review

Hello lovely,

I am sorry for not posting on here as often as promised. I wasn’t feeling well. However, now that I am getting back to myself, I wanted to share my review of the Micha boot with you. I bought these boots on for 59.90.


Pros: These boots look great in person. I’ve received a ton of compliments on them. I was worried they wouldn’t work with my wardrobe and style, but they look great with almost anything whether that be a summer dress, or denim, they just work. The crotched top helps to keep my legs cool on hot days. I was surprised by the quality of the boots. They also make for cute rainboots if it’s not pouring heavily.

Cons: These boots are easy to walk in and comfortable for the most part; however, my ankle bone was rubbing against the inside which made it a little uncomfortable. They feel better with socks on. Another thing to keep in mind is these boots are a size bigger. I usually buy a nine when buying boots but decided to go with an 8.5 based on reviews. The 8.5 is a good fit, but I may have been able to get away with an 8. I recommend going half a size or a size down from what you normally wear.

All in all, I love these boots and have been living in them. They are super cute and perfect for summer.

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March Hits and Miss

March has always been that icky month that I can’t wait to get over with. I happily step into April with March Madness behind me. But I can’t help looking back a bit to reminisce. despite not liking March, I did like a number of products that bought/used during the month. Check out the video below to see what got my approval and dislike in March.


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Pink and Blue Spring Inspiration

Nature offers some great inspiration for designers and stylists and style seekers a like. I know in the future I’ll be posting a number of looks inspired by nature. This paticular one I saw on created by sphaeryl. The fashion items choosen replicate the colors i n phot beautifully, reminding us that nature is the number one stylist. The pink and blue are a perefect pair for spring. Dolce and Gabana must also find pink and blue to be an attractive duo seeing how they combined it on their handbag, which meets the bright expections set by 2012 spring fashion. The entire set is lovely, simple, and a great inspiration for spring


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